We Shall Overcome

Within us all is all the power we need to overcome any obstacle that may come our way. Although I must admit that it can be a little frustrating when those pesky little obstacle keep popping up just when your goal seems to be insight. That’s when you start to wonder if you will ever reach your goal or if it is really worth pursuing it in the first place. You have the feeling of giving up and throwing in the towel. But you don’t because you have come this far already and even though it might be a little inconvenient you press onward knowing that in the end it will only mean a slight delay before you reach the goal you have been striving for.

This is only a reminder us that even though we consider above these little annoyances. In reality we are no better then anyone else. We all have our own problems that we have to overcome.

The difference between someone you has connected with the Higher Source and someone who has not. Is the feeling that you get if you are connected with the Higher Source. You know that you are not alone and it is within this knowing that you know that you are more than a conqueror.

That it is only that we got out of alignment with the Higher Source. Abraham Hicks (who is channeled though Ester Hicks) calls this being in the Vortex others have referred to this as being in the Zone. This is the place we all long to be. It is where everything is working together in a unbelievable way. Some times you see this in sports. Where a player is so focused in the game that he can do nothing wrong and has one great play after another.

I find it best to get in silence and focus on the blessings that I have already received. Knowing that this to shall pass. That what seems as a road block is just a slow down sign. That there is a reason that you do not understand for this delay. Resting in the knowledge that if it was suppose to happen earlier that it would have. Only the Higher Source knows the correct timing when things are suppose to manifest.

This is the difference that one’s of who took the effort to connect with the Higher Source have over others. That in times of need they can draw on the blessed assurance that all good thing will work together. That even in our darkest moments we know that we will overcome. That greater is He who is in us then he that is in the world.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books

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