The Onslaught Hero’s

Over time people have tried different ways to expose the truth. The first truth is that you have been lied to by everyone in your life. A better way to explain this is that they shared with you what they felt were their truths. These truths have been handed down from generation to generation with everyone adding their own twist to these truths. It is like the game where you have people stand in a line and whisper a statement from one person to the other. The original statement is seldom anywhere near what the last person states. So how can you find out what the real truth is?

People over time went into their own soul to discover the real truth. They then shared this truth with others but over time these truths have been twisted by individuals for their own desires. So to uncover the real truth you need to go back to the original teachings with the desire to understand what these teachers were really teaching and not what others have told you what these teachings mean. All true teachings are formed from love. They also point you to go within yourself for all your true teachings come from within. That is way you are your own onslaught hero. For only you can discover your own truths.

Once you discover your own truths by getting in alignment with the Higher Source, then you become the onslaught hero for others. The only one you can believe in, is in yourself. This is your life and you can take control of it by finding out what you fear and then using your own logic to find the reasons for this fear. You can then over come this False Evidence Appearing Real. Winston Churchill once stated that the only thing to fear is fear itself. Fear is the main tool that others use to take control over you. By turning to the Higher Source to meet all your needs and trusting the Higher Source your fears can be washed away.

The Higher Source only wants to show you how to live a life of love. To first love yourself because you are important. Then you can return the love you have received from the Higher Source by loving others. We all have the same basic needs, and we should strive to ensure that these needs are available to everyone. Everyone is a child of the Higher Source and bothers and sisters in the human family. When you learn to love your fellow man, you walk in love and where there is love there is no fear. Darkness has already been dispelled accept this fact and walk in the light. For where there is light there can be no darkness.

The battle has already been won all you have to do is claim this victory. All your needs have already been made available. It is though faith that you receive the blessings that the Higher Source has made available to you. Knowing is the greatest gift that the Higher Source has provided for you. It is though the lack of knowledge that people are failing. The only knowledge you have to accept is the knowledge that you are the most valuable person in the sight of the Higher Source and that the Higher Source will be there to provide for all your needs.

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