Who Are You Really

Some people can trace their ancestry back many generations but are limited how far they can go back. The fact is there is no way we can discover where we really come from or why we are here. So we are left with the teaching of others to give us insight into what life is really all about. While many of us are content to just live our life from day to day without seeking answers to the questions of our existence. There are some who take the time to find the answers to these questions and then share their findings with others. With so much information available on the internet today we are left to review this information for ourselves. Then select which information resides with our own belief system.

Most people accept the fact that we where created and placed on this planet by some outside force. We only have to look at the ecosystem of this planet to see that it was prepared to support mankind. Man does not live within the ecosystem but uses it to provide for their daily needs. This is from the material we use to build our homes and other items to make our life easier, to the food we find on our tables every day. This Higher Source really does care for every man, woman, and child that is on this planet. It is by the hands of other human beings that there is pain and suffering on this planet. It was by the misuse of the environment by man that pain and suffering was introduced on this planet. This was not the will of the Higher Source. It was though the gift of free will that these things were allowed to come about.

People have no idea how powerful their beliefs are. It is through our beliefs that we have the world we have today and we can change our world through changing our beliefs. Each person has the power to change their beliefs and thereby changing their life. You are the gatekeeper of the thoughts that enter your mind. What you accept a fact is, in reality, is a fact to you. When you are presented with new facts you have the opportunity to review these facts and see if these new facts will better serve you. If you accept the fact that the Higher Source will provide for you then the Higher Source will provide for you. The Higher Source has placed you on this planet in the first place and has a vested interest to provide for you.

People who have learned to listen to the Higher Source though their inner voice and have accepted the Higher Source as their provider has entered into a better life. They are at peace within no matter what is going on outside their life. The reason for this is they know that all things will work out giving enough time. Yes there are things people have to go though because they will only believe if they are shown. Once they are shown the truth they will, in most cases, not make the same mistake again. Once they are shown what best services them they will accept this new way of thinking and take the path that services them best.

No one has power over you unless you let them have power over you. No one can do anything to harm you unless you knowing or unknowing allow them. If you live in fear that someone is going to rob you then it is more likely that you will be robbed. Even though you have no power over others actions. You do have power over their actions towards you. You do not exert this power by confronting them. You exert this power by accepting the fact that the Higher Source will protect you. If the Higher Source is directing your path then those that would harm you will never cross your path. If you feel something is wrong and you need to remove yourself from this area. Then by all means remove yourself. If something tells you not to do a thing. Then do not do it or do it a different way that feels better. Going by feelings is just one way the Higher Source guides and protects you. Trust in the Higher Source and he will direct your path to a happier life.

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