This blog is about personal enlightenment. The ideas I share here are not mine and I take no credit for them. I write as I am lead to write from the spirit within.

Everyone has the ability to connect their own spirit within. All it takes is the desire to be lead by this higher force and the willingness to listen.

The inner voice is there to help you in your daily walk. To guide you along the path you have chosen to follow. He will never leave you or forsake you.

There are only three requirements

1. Believe he exist.

Everyone has this higher self. The quickest way to prove this is to become an inner witness. All this means is to watch your inner thoughts. Once you take time to do this  the question arises who is this that is watching your inner thoughts? This is your higher self.

2. Acknowledge him on a regular basis.

Talk to him as you would talk to a close friend. Ask him questions and wait for the response which usually comes in the form of a still small voice.

3. Follow his guidance.

Everyone has had a time in their life when something told them that they should have done something or not done something. This was the inner prompting of your spirit. Once you become familiar of this still small voice. You can trust it to guide you. Then take action whenever you feel these prompting’s. Do this even with the small things. When you fail to follow you inner voice apologize to your inner voice as you would a close friend.

You will be amazed at the difference this will make in your life. You will start feeling inner peace. You will start to have more confidence in the choices you make. And you will start to notice changes in every part of your life. All for the better for yourself and those around you.

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