The First Sacrifice

A long, long time two people lived together in a garden. They shared in everything and was provided for by the Higher Source. They could go anywhere they wanted to go and eat of any tree they wanted to, but one in the mist of the garden. They where told that this was the tree of knowledge and if they ate of it that they would surely die.

One day the woman was wondering though the garden by herself and came upon this tree. She looked at and started to wonder why she could not eat of it. The fruit of the tree looked desirable and she said to herself that surely just one bite would not hurt. She just wanted to see how the fruit tasted. So she took the fruit from the tree and took a bite. To her surprise the fruit tasted delightful. So she took the fruit to her mate and explained to him that it tasted good and look I have not died. The man was distressed that the woman had done this. His love for her was great and he could not see himself living without his mate. So he took the fruit and took a bite of it. The reason he did this was because he would rather die with his mate then to face the possibility of living alone without her. That was the day that they stopped living though the spiritual mind and started to live within the carnal mind. They choose to live in the flesh instead of the spirit.

From that day forward every man and woman are given a choice. They can live in what some call the reasoning mind or they could go within and be lead by the higher source.

Throughout history, the Higher Source has sent messengers to inform His children that there is a better way to live. That there is a Higher Source that loves you and wants to help you with your problems. He can guide you down the right path that leads to Nirvana (success, well-being, and good fortune).

In his book Oh My God! Are You Talking to Me? by Peniel G.G.G. Peniel gives the definition for the three parts of Nirvana.

Success – A person who possesses all that he should in the proper amounts

Well-Being – To be fulfilled and have all good and positive attitudes, feelings,
health, and emotions

Good Fortune – When most of the things that a man is not free to choose for
himself seem to line up in his favor

This is what the Higher Source want for all his children and you are one of his children. You just have to go within and listen to His guidance. The choice is yours

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