Spiritual Guidance

I am the source of all that is and I want you to understand that all your desires are already created. For creation is finished everything has already been created that is going to be created. It is all in the sea of quantum possibility just waiting for you to claim it .

If you only had a clue of your awesome potential to tap into the great unknown. The unbelievable truths that are within your grasp. So go to sleep my dear child and dream your dreams. Imagine your perfect life and keep it in your mind from the time awake till the time you lay down to sleep and then dream of the day that it will become a reality.

Trust that I will show you a way to this perfect life and then sit back and watch it become your reality. Trust in my guidance and see if I do not show you a way to overcome all the obstacles that may arise between where you are and where in your imagination you long to be. For if you can hold your dream in your imagination till you know within all of your senses that is a realistic possibility and then go just one step further and believe that it can become your reality. That there is nothing that can stand in your way of you reaching it. That you do not care what you have to do or how long it will take to get there. You will not stop till you have arrived and have taken possession that dream. Which now it only seems a short time ago was just something in your imagination.

For what you perceive should take a long time can be shortened when you follow my guidance. That within my guidance there is an answer to all problems. That within my guidance everything will just seem to fall in place. That within my guidance the people you need to help you reach your goal will seen to magically appear in your life and be more then happy to help you reach your goal. That if you operate from the heart where it is a win win for all concerned. Then you will find that reaching your goal is within your grasp in a much shorter time then you ever imagined possible.

This is my gift to you. Here is the knowledge you need to know. The simple fact that we are all one. That when you realize you are one with the Infinite Source. That you are one with all creation. That being able to tap into this Source is the key to tapping into all the power you will ever need to reach your goals. That seeing that you are one with all creation you would never consider doing anything that was not a benefit all concerned. That operating from the heart will lead you to do everything in love. Love first to yourself and then love for everyone and everything in creation. For the Infinite Source shines his love on you so you can return that love though shining your love on your neighbor

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books

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