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There is never fear when you have a personal relationship with the Higher Source. No matter what is happening in the world around you, you must place your trust in the Higher Source who will work out all these things in your best interest. Remember the best things are yet to come. As we struggle with the problems at this present time we can rest assured that there is a new day dawning which with the hope and belief we have in ourselves and mankind as a whole will come to become our reality.

There is a movement taking place at this present time that will change the world as we know it. Never in the history of mankind are there so many people beginning to wake up and realize the power that is in reach of everyone seeking it. The power to take control of our own lives and be freed from the control of others. The evil that for so long has been hidden is now being shown for all to see. Those that we thought were there to help us are in reality working against us. They did not realize that by trying to control us that they had exposed themselves for who they really are. Their acts will be remembered and at the proper time their power will be taking away.

The Higher Source has always been in control and has always worked through those who have come to have a personal relationship with Him. He has never forsaken his children. As more and more people become to realize this. The eyes of others are beginning to open. Others are waking up to the truth and starting to believe that they too can accept the love that the Higher Source has in store for them. It does not matter who you are or what background you come from. Love is the basis of all teachings, love is the basis of every great movement to get out the truth. You are not alone and never have been. The love of the Higher Source has always been there. It just takes some people longer to realize it.

I implore you, please do not spend another life time with your mind closed. You will come to know the Higher Source if not in this life time then maybe the next. We will all have our own enlightenment at some time or other. We are all children of the Higher Source and we will all become to realize this fact. We will all have our blinders removed at our appointed time to see the truth. There is no dualism, there is no evil, there is only the pure love of the Higher Source. On that day the illusion will no longer have control over you. For only what you believe can have control over you. Be of a singular mind and cast out all doubt. For where there is love there can be no fear. Where there is light there can be no darkness.

Believe that the Higher Source is in control of your life and that He always has your best interest at heart. People who have come to realize this live a different life from those that have not realized this yet. They do not worry about how their earthly needs will be met because they have learned the voice of the Higher Source and they let Him guide them in all things. They realize that they are no longer walking a path that they define but instead are on the path that the Higher Source has set before them.

I know that this is not an easy task but everyone who takes the time to reflect on their past life will realize that they where warned before any undesirable event took place in their life. Something inside them let them know that the choice they were about to make was not a good choice but they did not listen to it. Once you learn to listen to the inner knowing and follow it. You will start to learn to trust them and let them be a guide in your life. This is what some will call be lead by the spirit. Others will refer to it as following their gut feeling or letting their conscience be their guide. That is all that is to it to enter life without fear or doubts.

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