Down The Rabbits Hole

How far down the rabbits hole do you want to or capable of going down? When it comes to spiritual things, there is no limit how far down the rabbits hole you can go down. You are only limited by your belief system. If you do some searching, you will find all kinds of present day miracles. Many doctors will refer to these miracles as going into remission or a miss diagnosis. With the lack of accepting these as true miracles it only leads to the belief system that believes that there are no such things as miracles. Yet the bible is full of miracles in both the old and new testament and there are stories of miracles taking place although history.

The truth is there are miracles happening each and every day, but we brush it off as luck or some other kind of circumstance other than an act of the Higher Source. If we do not accept these miracles, that are happening every day in our lives. Then how can we accept the fact that the Higher Source does care about us and is working things out for us to have a happy and peaceful life? There are many reasons way we lack the faith we need to live the happy and fulfilling life we are capable of living.

The truth is we have been lied to in every area of our lives. Just by doing a simple thing as changing our diet can bring about the healing of our bodies. The problem is with all the information out there it is hard to find the right diet we should be following. Every diet is not for every person, that is why it is best to follow the diet that you are being lead by your inner self to follow. The problem is that most people do not get in touch with their Higher Source to guide them.

Your faith in the Higher Source should be in every area of your life. Be it relationships, health, finances and spiritual. When you learn to keep in touch with the Higher Source, then you can rest assuaged that you will have the guidance necessary to live a peaceful and abundant life. Everything that is required for you to live that life best suited for you to live has already been provided for you by the Higher Source. The Higher Source knows what you need even before you do and has already provided a way for you to receive it. Your only job is to keep in touch with the Higher Source and follow the Higher Source direction on which path you should follow.

How you keep in touch with the Higher Source is up to each individual. The main thing with all the different ways to get in touch with the Higher Source, they all require you to get quiet be it though prayer, meditation or just sitting quietly and thinking good thoughts. Some people go for long walks so that they can clear their heads and open up a way for the Higher Source to get though to them. Do what ever you have to do to make the connection because it will make for a better life for you and those around you.

Now that you have made the connection, you can make your request known to the Higher Source. You have to seek before you can find. You have to ask before it is given. The Higher Source has no respect of person. What he has done for one he will do for others. Find someone else that has received the gift you wish to receive. Now knowing that the Higher Source has provided for them you can go boldly forward knowing that the Higher Source will provide it for you. Have faith that it will be provided for you and it will be. Do not try to figure out how it will be provided. Just be open to whatever way becomes available and give thanks to the Higher Source for providing it for you.

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