Let It Be So

I know many people do not believe it but the same power that created the universe resides within you. It has to because you are a part of the creation. There is no way you can be separate. We are all part of the whole. So it only reasonable to conclude that being part of the whole. That it is in the best interest of the Higher Source to care for us. Just as if you love your body you take steps to insure that it stays healthy. You provide food for it so it can maintain its energy level. You make sure you give it rest so it has a chance to replenish itself. You are concerned that it has the proper clothes to wear for different seasons. You take steps to keep it from getting sick. In short you put a lot of time and effort into maintaining this body.

If you put so much time and effort in maintaining this body which is not really the real you. It is just what I like to call your earth suit because when get ready to go, wherever that maybe, you will leave your earth suit behind. So what makes you, for one minute, think that the Higher Source, which you are a part of, does not care for you.

There are a lot of rewards for taking care of your body. The number one is you will probably live longer. I am sure you are sleeping better and you have the energy to do whatever you want to do. But what are the rewards the Higher Source get out of you? So I am going to let the Higher Source answer this question.

I feel your love and your joy. I am there right by your side when you have a victory and I am there when you suffer a lost. I do not have the privilege of living a life on earth so I have to live though you. Each experience you go though is added to the whole. I can see no evil because evil is not part of me all I can see is the love in you. My deepest desire and hope is that you will come to know me as the Loving Source that I am. That you will learn to trust in me to guide you down the right path. I only have your best interest at heart. Just as you love your body and care for it. I love you and want to care for you. Do you not understand that you are part of Me and I am part of you. My Love for you is well beyond your comprehension. The depth of my Love for you is deeper then your deepest ocean.

In truth I can not express my Love to the full degree because you would never be able to contain it. You can take your most exhilarating moment and that would only be a very small fraction of the joy I wish to fill you with on a daily bases. There are no words to express the great Love I have for you but when you take time to come in my presents you can feel it. It just overwhelms you, there is nothing like it in all your human experiences. It just washes over you and you are filled with joy. But I know you can not sustain for very long because you have to come back down to earth and carry on with your life. Yet even though you can not sustain it, you do remember it and you take it with you. Then at times when you least expect it, there it is again washing over you and you well up in joy. Then all you feel is love. Love for yourself and love for your fellow man.

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