Open Your Eyes

You are a child of the Higher Source. This truth alone will set you free. The problem is that although most people believe in the Higher Source few really come to make this absolute power a major part of their lives. That is because few have come to realize this truth is even available to them. This has been kept a secret for decades from the general population. That is because once people come to realize this they regain the power that has been kept from them.

There is not a single person or government on this planet that can have power over you if you answer only to the absolute power of the Higher Source.

We are taught that there is a Higher Source, yet we are taught that we are unworthy. That we can not have a personal relationship with this Higher Source. That even though we can pray to this Higher Source it is up to the Higher Source to decide if this absolute power wants to answer our prayer. The truth is that prayers are always answered. The problem is that the commutation between the Higher Source and the individual is on the individual’s end.

Individuals have not been taught how to go within and wait for an answer. The answer will always come but it is up to the Higher Source on how to transmit the answer. The job of the individual is to be open to the answer from whichever source the Higher Source chooses to use. There are a number of different ways that the Higher Source can use and when the individual making the request has their eyes open they will find the answer.

Making your request to this Higher Source and being willing to follow the Higher Sources answers will lead to a peaceful life. The problem is that the individual does not want to follow what the Higher Source is showing them. That is because it either does not fall within the path that they want to follow, or they are easily lead astray by the input for others. We have always looked to others to help us find our way and not to follow their advice when it is not in line with what you feel you are receiving from the Higher Source is a hard choice for many to make. The decisions that we make will also affect others around us. So even though you feel we are being led by the Higher Source, others that are involved with the decision may not agree with your answer to the problem. If you find resistance to your answer to the problem then it is best to give in to the request of others knowing that in the long run, the Higher Source will work it out to the advantage to all involved.

There is no greater blessing than knowing that you are where you are supposed to be. Doing what you are supposed to be doing. Then trusting the Higher Source to lead you down the correct path to follow. Knowing that when changes need to be made that you will be lead to make the best decisions for all involved.

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