What is Your Purpose in Life?

Dear Love Ones. Every one has a purpose for being here. It was decide by you before you were born. You volunteered to come here. Yes you had freedom of choice even before you were born. Creation has many parts but one being and each part has a function to carry out. Even the ones you call evil are carrying out their purpose in life. Everyone completes their mission in life if they realize it or not. I know this is hard to believe but it is true.

When you realize this you can more easily forgive those who have caused you harm and sorrow. People who have caused harm to others and society as a whole are truly sorry for their actions. Once they come to realize their mistakes. They do not even know what possessed them to do these evil acts. They come up with hundreds of reasons why they did what they did. If they cannot come up with a reason they just say “I could not help it, it is just the way I am”. Little do they realize they where just completing their mission in life.

The reason for this is societies belief system. Because they believe in duality. If there is good then there has to be evil. In the creator there is no duality there is only good, there is only love. It is because they believe there is evil then there is evil. Your Masters stated “Be it unto you as you believe”. But you as an individual can believe there is no evil and you will not see evil in your existence.

The good news is that these people who create evil are the exception and not the rule. For every evil act there are millions of good. loving acts created by others. We just do not hear of them because they are not news worthy because they are so common place.

Yes it is true that some search a life time for their purpose in life. Not realizing that their mission is life is being fulfilled daily by them just being here. Others have to go though a great deal of experiences before the reach the point where they start fulfilling their purpose in life. And they are willing to go though them again because they know that this is the path that lead them to where they are.

So my child fear not what your mission in life is because you are probably fulfilling it already, just by being here doing whatever you are doing. And if there is a higher calling in your life. This will be revealed to you at the right time.

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