Blessed Assurance

My dear child you are blessed. More blessed then you could ever realize. There is a place I have for you that is reachable by anyone. That is the place of Blessed Assurance. As all things in life you have to choose this state for yourself. Then you have to put the time and effort in to reach this state. The reason you have to put in the time and effort is because that there is a lot of unlearning you have to do.

This world is full with doubts about God which have to be overcome. It is hard for most people to believe and trust their lives to a invisible force. I am amazed at the number of people that do not even know that this state exist never the less that is is attainable by all.

The first step is to have the desire to turn your life over to this invisible force. Then you have to go deep down into yourself and listen to the spirit within. Come to know this spirit as you would come to know a close friend. Over time you will come to trust this inner witness and know that it has only good intentions planned for you. Till one day you will reach the point that you are willing to turn your life over to the spirit within and let it guide you down the path of life.

What are the benefits of reaching this state.

  • You will be able to release all the mistakes of your past. Once you have decided to turn your life over to the spirit you become a new creature. You will reach a new state of consciousness. The person who committed those mistakes was of an older consciousness and that person does not exist anymore. You will also realize that the path you have taken has lead you to this point in your life and would not want to change anything in your past that would have lead you down a different path.
  • You will not have to worry about the future because you will know, in your heart, that you will be taken care of. That the desires of your heart will come to pass at the right time, under the right circumstances and in a way that will benefit all involved. You will also realize that you are where you are suppose be doing what you are suppose to be doing. You will know that if something happens to change the circumstances of your life that in the long run it is for your good.
  • Without a pass or future to worry about. Where does that leave you. That leaves you living in the Now. Which all there ever was of ever could be.

Can you imagine living a live completely in the Now. Have no worries and looking forward to a bright and happy future. Waking up every morning knowing that you are loved and will be well taken care of. That no matter what the circumstances you are above them because the spirit within you has a plan and all things will work out for your good and the good of everyone involved. That is Blessed Assurance and it is available to everyone.



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