Defeating Duality

Blessed spirit that you are. You have complete control over your mind in fact that is the only thing your have complete control over. You can have ,be and accomplish anything you want. You were created in my image, that is the image of love. It is with your words and thoughts that decide what will appear in your existence. It is your believes that will dictate what will materialize in your life.

On the plane that you are now on there is duality. The reason for this is to give you the power of choice. If there were no choices then you would be nothing for then a robot. So most people believe that if there is good then there has to be bad. If there is plenty then there has to be lack. In short you believe that you can not have the one without having the other. This is duality thinking.

What if I told you that you could have one without the other. Most people would not believe it but the fact is you can have a singular mind. If fact most people exercises the singular mind in some part of their daily life. It all comes down to what you believe and your beliefs are created by what you think and say. The truth is that if you believe with your heart and confess with your mouth. Then whatever you believe will come to pass.

This is the system for accomplishing anything in your life. So how do you defeat negative believes? By putting your trust in something higher then yourself. This could be God or it could be some person in your life. If someone you thought highly of and trusted said to you that they believed you could do a certain thing. That they had faith in you and you believed them. Then the chances are that you would accomplish whatever they believed that you could do.

We see this everyday in small things. When you were a child learning to ride a bike. Either one of two things happened. Either you had believe in yourself that you could do it or someone in your life believed you could do it. Before anything can be accomplished someone has to believe that it could be done.

So you see my child that this can be carried out in every part of your life. If you believe that there is a loving force looking out for you and that only good things will be in your life. Then you will only see the good things in your immediate surroundings. So for you evil does not exist. So for you there is no lack. So for you every need will be meant.

As more and more people believe only in good and not in evil. Society as a whole will start to reflect this. Then the conciseness level of the whole plant will be raised. Till one day there will be no wars. There will be no lack. There will be only harmony among nations.



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