Only One Way

You can not serve two masters. You have the right of choice. Not only do you have the right of choice you operate in dimension all the time. From the time you choose to get out of bed until you choose to go back to bed, you are making choices. So you have to choose between the carnal mind (lower level of consciousness) and the spiritual mind (higher consciousness).

Most of us try to balance these two worlds by setting aside a certain time to spend on worldly things and spiritual things. Instead of realizing that you could actually merge these two worlds into one. Higher consciousness is not limited to just a few spiritual beings but is made available to all that would just seek. The higher self is standing at the door just waiting for you to open it. The higher self will not force itself on you it is your choice to open the door.

It is in your higher self that the Higher Source has placed all the truths you need to have a complete life. A life where health is not a problem. A life where relationships are not a problem. A life where finances are not a problem. All the correct answers to all your life questions has to come from this higher self.

Getting in touch with your higher self is only available you. You have to first make the decision that you want to get in touch with your higher self. Then make your request known to the Higher Source by just a simple prayer asking for the way made for you to become more aware of the higher self. It is said when the student is ready the teacher will come.

Then you have to wait and listen to your hunches. Some call this intuition and a lot has been written on this subject. This is also covered in the Law of Attraction which is a universal law that is being used by you everyday if you realize it or not. The law of attraction is simply stated as what you focus on you attract. So if your focus is a better understanding of the higher self then by the law of attraction it will be attracted it to you.

There is no telling where you will be lead to find the information you are requiring. The Higher Source is aware of your request and will put into action the steps that will be made available to you to fulfill your desire. I say made available to you because it is your choice to take these steps. It all comes down to you because you are the only one that has complete control over your life choices.

All choices has consequences and you decide which consequences you want to have in your life. So in truth no one really has control over you. If you do something that you know may bring about undesirable consequences and these consequences come about it was by your choice. Your life is your responsibility and what happens in your life is though the choices you have made. I know I am sounding harsh but I do not mean to. I just know that somewhere along your path you made a decision that you knew by your gut feeling was a wrong choice which lead you down the wrong path.

These wrong choices can be avoided once you learn how to listen to your intuition. If it does not feel right then it is probability a wrong choice. The Higher Source will guide you though your intuition this is the preferred method that the Higher Source likes to use. But the Higher Source does use different methods. It may though other people, movies, books or any other way the Higher Source feels will get your attention. But rest assured that no matter what method that the Higher Source uses to reach you. The Higher Source always has your best interest at heart.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two websites  Your Workbook For Success and Abandoned E-Books

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