You Are God

Did you know you are god? Well you are did not it state in the bible “Ye Are Gods”. Each individual lives in their own world. The world that they created and that they are the gods of. Most people do not realize that they are creators. So they create by default. They see the world as it is though their five senses and accept it as real. Then they recreate the same world day after day after day. Never realizing that they are creators and can change their world though their thoughts. That is way an individual can change locations. Yet over time find they have the same problems they had before. They can change locations but unless they change their world by their thoughts it will remain the same.

Imagine your world the way you want it to be. Then hold that image in your mind as often as you can till you start referring that this imagined world as is if was already a reality.

An example in my own life is the fact that once my wife retires. We will sell our current home and buy a RV and travel across America, To us this is not something that might happen, this is our future reality. To the point that I already know that when the time is right the Higher Source will lead us to the best RV for our needs. Just as the Higher Source created the circumstances that placed us in our current home and placed me in the car I am currently driving just to name a few of the things the Higher Source has provided for me over the years.

Things just seem to work out for the people who have taken control of their own lives. This is not hearsay. I have experienced it in my life and became aware of others who have had the same results in their live. I have to admit I am a fan of Abraham Hicks and I listen to him on a daily basis on You Tube. There are properly hundreds of Abraham Hicks videos on You Tube. The point is that day after day I hear from different people who share the results that they have had since following Abraham Hicks. Abraham Hicks teaches the same thing that I am sharing. He just uses different names for the same thing. When I say connect to the Higher Source. Abraham says get into the vortex. Same thing by a different name.

Abraham is not the only one teaching these principles there are many more. In fact these principles can be found in hundreds of books going back centuries in time. I spent years of reading and listening to teachers over a span of at least thirty years. A lot of these older books did not come right with these teachings but were implied in between the lines.

All these teachings teach you that you are creators of your own reality. That in fact you have been creating your own reality all along it was just that you where not aware of it. My own desire is to make you more aware of the control you can take in your own life. That not only you can take control of your own life but also you are responsible for the events that took place in your life.

I will never tell you what you should or should not do. It is you that has to decide what to do with the information I have presented here.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two websites  Your Workbook For Success and Abandoned E-Books

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