You Are More Then A Conqueror

conquerorWhen we think about conquerors our mind goes to days of old. When armies of different kingdoms conquered other kingdoms and took over their lands. King Arthur comes to mind because of the stories I heard about him over the years. King Arthur is not the only conqueror over the span of history. There are countless others who also set out on a quest to conquer other lands.

These conquerors are usually considered to be great men but in fact they are no better then you or me because you see we are all conquerors in our own right. Maybe not on as great as a level that they where but the fact still remains that we are all conquerors in some form or other.

The biggest thing that everyone has to conqueror is themselves. You see most people where not taught who they really are. You may get a glimpse of your greatness from time to time but very few live in their greatness on a daily basis. In fact I do not believe anyone will truly realize how great they really are until they pass from this present form. It is only then that we will see how great we really are and how much we are Loved by the Higher Source.

As much as we would like to live in our greatness. The daily cares of this world, for many of us, is just to much to overcome. We have a job to go to, we need to spend time with our family and friends, there are chores that need to be taken care of and on and on it goes. Few have the time they need to spend on learning and understanding the things of the Higher Source.

So how can we live in our greatness with all the demands we face everyday? By learning to walk in Love. You see there are only one force in the world and that is Love. Those you do not walk in Love walk in fear. Fear is the lack of knowledge of your greatness. There are a lot of things that were in your life that you were afraid of but once you had a better understanding your fear vanished. So to once you get a better understanding of who you really are you will start to walk in Love.

I am reminded of a story in the Bible where Daniel was thrown in a loins den and yet he showed no fear and the loins did not harm him. This is only one story in the Bible showing us that we too can walk in Love not in fear.

So how does this prove that we are more then conquerors. The conquerors I talked about at the beginning of this article where conquerors in the flesh. While we can become conquerors of the Spirit. We can choose to learn more about Spiritual matters. If we truly have the desire to know the truth, then all we have to do is make the request to the Higher Source. Who will in time open our eyes to more Spiritual truths. It is not usually a big flash of knowledge, but instead it is giving to us little by little till we have grown enough to accept the greater truths.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books

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