Change Is Good

changeA lot of people do not like changes and I can understand why. Changes imposed on us from outside forces may be good for the person wanting to make the change but usually not for the people that the change is being force on. Even though the change may be more efficient for all concerned. Most people would prefer to do it the old way. This is understandable considering they already know how to do it the old way and do not want to go though the learning process of doing it the new way.

Then there is the individual change. This usually happens when there is something in the persons life that they are not happy with. So they make what they see as necessary changes to improve their life. The drawback in these changes are that the people around them do not like the person they have become and therefore do not spend as much time around them. Especially if this change came about by outside forces. The new friends that they are hanging around with has caused them to have a new way of thinking that is not inline with their old friends way of thinking.

Then there is the change from within. I know what you are thinking. Did I not already cover this in the last paragraph? Not really. In the last paragraph I was talking about changes that happened from outside forces. In this paragraph I am talking about changes that are taking place because you are growing spiritually. You are changing because you are becoming aware of spiritual truths. These truths that help you grow into the successful person you want to become.

This change is really a good change because before you can become a successful person on the outside you have to become a successful person on the inside. You have to change from a negative thinking person into a positive thinking person. This is not an easy task because you have to work on you. You have to change the way you have been thinking for most of your life. This can take time because like any habit it is hard to break. You may read a self-help book and start claiming things on the the outside but the inside is saying “Ya sure, that will be the day.”It takes a lot of reinforcement to get your negative side to start to see the light. Reprogramming usually does not happen overnight it requires a lot of repetition on your part.

Is all this work really necessary? No there are short cuts. If you can find a person that really believes that you can do this and you believe that you can because of the faith of the other person. Then in all likelihood you will succeed because of the others persons faith in you. You will start to have a little faith in yourself. Then as you complete each task on your way to your goal. Your faith in yourself will start to grow more and more. After a while you will have so much faith in yourself that nothing seems impossible anymore.

Well guess what I have some good news for you. There is a Higher Force that already believes in you and knows that you can accomplish any task that you want to take on. That is off course if it is your best interest and the best interest of all involved. This Higher Force wants you to have the desires of your life. This Higher Force wants to provide you with all the good things in life. Just remember that a successful person is a person who possesses all that he should in the proper amount.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books


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