Trust In Him

trustFor you are one with me. All power is yours only if you seek my face and follow my leads. For the spirit is within you and it will give you all things that are needed. Seek not for your own welfare but seek for my will to be done.

The kingdom of God is here and now for all who seek it. Be not afraid for I am with you always. I am you next breath and your next heart beat. I am life and so are you. My life I give you which is eternal. The power of God is within you all things are possible and nothing will be left undone.

You are my child and I love you dearly. I will not let you lack anything. You will know no hunger, nor will you feel any sickness. For in me is only life, so to in you is only life because you and I are one. Let this mind be in you. A mind of health and happiness for this is the mind of God. Which I freely give to all that ask.

Live in my kingdom now, for now is all there is or can be. Now is the time for the fulfillment of all things. Know you not that you are a child of God therefore you are also a god. That no harm can befall you unless you lose sight of who you are.

Love is all there is and all there ever could be. All things are love, the good and the bad. Some choose the bad because they can not see the good. They are blinded by untruths. They are lost to the light that is within them.

Seek my face and you will find truth. Learn of me and all things will be opened to you. I am not a God of hate nor do I punish my children. I am Love and all who walk with me walk in love. Love of self is the first step. Once you love yourself, you will find it impossible not to love others. For you will see the good in all men and realize their true being.

There is truly only one life and we are all part of that life. We are not separate, we are all one. We are all tools be used by God to help yourself and to help others. When you enter the kingdom of God, you put all your trust in him. God is truly the only source. Do not look to others for your needs but trust in God and all your needs will be fulfilled.



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