So You Think You Are Alone?

alone2There are times in everyone’s life when they feel like they are all alone.When they are overwhelmed with problems and it seems that there is no one to come to their aid. It is at these times that I am closer to you then your own breath. I am standing there ready to provide whatever help is needed. I was there when you entered this world and I will be there when you are ready to leave this world. Yet very few come to know me. If they only knew that I am here to be a service to them. That I only want what is in their best interest.

You see I am powerless unless YOU release my power. So you see in reality you are more powerful then I am. It is you that is in total control. I can do nothing but what you bid me to do. Yet so few seem to take the time to learn of me. This is understandable with all the half-truths that is being taught as truths about me. So what is truth? Go back to the core of any religious teaching and you will find the truth. Better yet go within yourself to find the truths I am talking about.

The first step is to believe that there is a power within you. That there is a comforter who is there to help and teach you. That you are not alone and never have been or ever can be. That the same Spirit that was within Jesus and Buddha  and Mohamed is also within you. And know this, Any power that was found in others is also found in you.

The eyes of many are just now starting to open to the real truths that where there from before the beginning of time. More and more people are taking back the power that was rightfully theirs from the day they were born. Do you think for one minute that there could ever be a problem without a solution? A question without an answer? A disease without a cure? All things are possible to him that believes.

I can never leave you or forsake you because you and I are one. We always have been and always will be. So tell me, with me by your side how can you ever be alone.



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