What Is Love

Love is whatever you want it to be. The reason it is so hard to define love is that it an emotion. Emotions are feelings from inside. It was once said to me when I said I was in love are you in love or are you in love with the idea of being in love? You have a love for your parents, you have a love for your spouse, you have a love for your children and you have a love for your pet. These are all different levels of love. The greatest of these is unconditional love. The love that the Higher Source offers all his children. No matter who you are or what you have done the Higher Source still loves you. The reason for that is that the Higher Source only sees the spiritual you.

That is the real you and very few humans can perceive this. When you were born, you were a clean slate. Then everything you know and are is from the programming that you have received during your lifetime. Everything you say and do is because of this programming. Now imagine looking people as children taking time to see the child within. You come to realize that these are dear little children that no one can hate. That deep down inside below all this programming that they have received. We are truly all the same. All wanting the same things. All having the same basic desires.

We are all looking for security it is just the different ways that we believe we can achieve this goal. Some people believe that they can achieve this with money while others feel they can only achieve through power. Then there is the average person who all they want is a good job, so they can provide for their family. Then they want a good retirement program to be able to provide for themselves without the need to depend on others. Living a good life is want everyone wants. It is just that different people have a different idea of what good life is.

Then there is the security you can have by believing in a source higher than yourself. There is peace to be found when you know that you will be taken care of. The joy that you can feel when meditating on this Higher Source. It is only human to have doubts at a time. It is at this time that you have to go within and reconnect with this Higher Source. True peace and unconditional love can be found in the Higher Source. Unconditional love is saying be yourself. The Higher Source can help you be a better person than you are now. This is not to say that the Higher Source wants to change you into something other than who you really are. The Higher Source will help you become the great person that you already are but do not have the confidence to be that person.

When someone that you really trust tells you can do this and on their faith in you gives you the power to do it. Yet the Higher Source tells you can be and have anything your heart desires we doubt it. Start to believe that you can do the things that you thought you could not. Then you will find out for sure if you can do it or not. You will find that you can do a lot more than what you thought you could. Until one day you will realize that you can do anything you put your mind and heart into.

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