How Are We Doing?

All is going well. There has been a great movement in the spiritual realm that is now being seen on the material level. Be assured that good is winning and will continue to win in the future. More people are being awakened and more will follow. You are all doing a good job and need to be praised for the work you are doing. A large project is completed more easily when a large group of individuals each does a little to complete the task.

The task that the Higher Source places on you is simple ones that are easy to follow. These requests are made to you by your inner witness which is your intuition and the still small voice. You will find that by being lead by the Higher Source over time you can get more done in less time. The Higher Source will lead you to take the right steps at the right time for the best results in achieving your goals. Your job is to avoid taking actions out of fear. Any actions taken out of fear will limit the results you can achieve. Many actions are taken by individuals who fall into the fear that if they do not take action now that they will be faced with hardship in the future. When in fact if these individuals would hold off until they feel they are being led by the Higher Source. That the end result will be for more rewarding than taking actions to early.

Whenever there are life-changing decisions to be made it is advisable to take time to take it to the Higher Source through prayer. Prayer is you talking to the Higher Source while the still small voice within and intuition is the Higher Source talking to you. Your job is to learn to listen and follow the leading of the Higher Source. The problem with many people is that they want to be earning more than is really needed to meet their needs. Instead of trusting that the Higher Source will provide what is needed at the time that the need arises. Eckhart Tolle tells how his life was going before his first book was published. He even stated that he had bought a lottery ticket and won enough to carry him over until his book was completed. That is because humans want the assurance that things are in place for their future needs.

Fear is a common human emotion and very hard to overcome. Especially when you have to place your trust in an indivisible entity. The truth is there are a lot of stories to be found out there about people who have stepped out in faith and received the reward they were seeking. On the other hand, I am sure that there are a lot of people who felt they were being led by the Higher Source and did not receive the results they were seeking. It is easy to place the blame of these failures on the individuals. The truth is that this may only be the steps needed to take along the road to success. It is said that Thomas Edison failed over one thousand times before he invented the light bulb. Mr. Edison felt that it took one thousand steps to invent the light bulb.

The lives that have been turned around after becoming involved with the Higher Source is countless. Yet the percentage of the people who have gone over the deep edge with their beliefs in the Higher Source are few and far between. Over time most people have accepted the fact that there is only one Higher Source. Today more and more people are becoming more spiritual. No matter what belief system they have been raised in. The only difference between a spiritual person and a religious person is that a religious person believes in doctrine while a spiritual person believes in their personal relationship with the Higher Source. That is not to say that there are not a lot of spiritual people in most religious groups. It does say that there are a lot of spiritual people that do not belong to any religious group.

The Higher Source is being presented by a lot of self-help groups by other names then God because of the automatic reactions people have to that name. Spiritual teachings are being shared by many people who do not belong to any religious origin. Some may see this as receiving the blessings of the Higher Source without following the laws of the Higher Source. The truth is that when you walk in love you are fulfilling the law. True spiritual believers can only see the good in others and would never do anything intently that would harm another.

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