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Duality is a dead-end road. Love is the only true answer where is love there is no duality. You look through the eyes of love where there is no hate. Nor could there be because you can only see the good you are blind to evil. Looking through love is looking through the eyes of the Higher Source. You are judged by no one but yourself. We know that all evil is created through the lack of knowledge. We have the power to take off the blinders and see the light. The choice is always yours.

Now it has been exposed for all to see. The end does not justify the means when others are being hurt in any way. There is no lack only the perceived lack created by others for their own good, They pay farmers not to plant because if there is an over-abundance the prices will fall. Yet there are people starving all over the world. Would it not be better to let the framers plant and purchase the over-abundance to feed the poor? They give us drugs that have side effects causing us to take more drugs when the root cause of most diseases can be found in our diet. The same diet that we are all encouraged to follow. That there are diets available out there that will lead to heather life where your weight will maintain itself. Look at nature where all the animals that are not being influenced by man maintain their weight naturally.

Your own personal heaven on earth is possible. We never left the garden of Eden. This planet is the garden of Eden. Learn to take care of your own body and then you will see how to take care of the planet. The truth is the planet is more than capable of taking care of itself when a man does not interfere. There are natural cycles that the planet goes through it is part of its own evolution. Just as man evolves to a higher level of conciseness.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Pain and suffering are caused by our belief in pain and suffering. We live on a planet of cause and effect. We learn that certain actions will result in undesirable results. Yet we do them anyway. These actions are done with impulsive thoughts that pop into our heads, and we follow them without reasoning out the end result. Those that have learned to follow their intuition will reject impulsive thoughts. These are the ones that are connected to the Higher Source if they realize it or not.

We know that others are trying to have control over us. But we also realize that the only control others can have over us is the control we allow them to have. That once we realize the control they are having over us. We can take control back. We have the power to have control over negative thoughts by replacing them with positive thoughts. The power is within us to realize the emotional buttons that others push then we are able to release the effect they have over us. Few people realize the amount of power we have over our own lives.

It is up to each individual to seek out the knowledge that they need to know to better their own lives. The Higher Source stated, “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” The knowledge is available to all who seek. With the internet, today knowledge is available as it has never has been before. Most people claim that they are to busy to take the time to teach themselves about how to better their own lives. Yet they will spend hours relaxing in front of their television. I know that I am being judgmental here which I should not be because it is up to each individual on how to spend their lives. I know that people who desire to learn more will not seek in vain. The promises made by the Higher Source will be fulfilled.

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