You Never Die

There are many teachings about life after death. Some teach that after you die you go to heaven where you are judged on your deeds from the last life. Others teach that you keep coming back until you have dissolved karma from your past life. Then there are others that teach that you come back as an animal of some sort or another. These are all teachings that are in response to the desire to live forever.

Still, others refuse to believe that there is life after death. That when you die that is the end period. That the only ones that achieve life after death are those that achieve something while they were alive. Leaders, teachers, artists, and authors live on though their achievements for many years after their death. Our history books are full of them, books and art seem to live on forever. Organizations continue for years after the founders have passed away. These are usually only a few of many. Organizations come to an end one way or another. Of all the artists and authors who have ever lived only a few are remembered. More teachers and leaders are forgotten than the few remembered.

You continue to live as long as your loved ones remember you after your death. Yes, you still live in their hearts and minds. Then over time they also find themselves on their death beds and as they pass on so does the remembrance of you. Then you become only a name on the ancestry record of your family. To those, you take the time to trace their ancestry.

Then there are people like me. People who believe that earth was created for man and that we continue to come back over and over again. That enjoys life so much that they are looking forward to coming back again just to see how much it has changed since the last time they have been here. Some of which can remember some of their past lives. People who believe that the world is evolving until one day it will become an enlightened planet. That the day will come where we will not have to die and come back again.

A planet that is at peace where everyone cares and looks out for the welfare of others. Where there is no lack and no suffering. A planet where we are a service to others because we enjoy being a service to others. That there is no desire that is not provided for us. A planet that is available to anyone wanting it can have it now. There are few who have found this planet the way that I have described it. They live their life in a state of appreciation. They find themselves telling others that they appreciate what they have done for them. That these are not just words but a true feeling from the heart.

Living a life where they know that they will be provided for. People who are being led by the Higher Source though their inner voice. That they know that all they have to do is what they are lead to do. That to wait to when they are lead to do it. People who know the suffering that others are going through. Yet knowing that it is up to these others to find their own way. That all they can do is to share what they have learned with others.

These are people who have learned to live through love. People who are facing no fears because they realize that having fears is a choice. The ones who have learned to trust in the Higher Source and have no fear of death. We are all energy and energy can not be destroyed that energy only changes form.

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