We Are Lied To

Over history, the bible has seen many revisions with more being taken out or edited at each revision.

That opens up the question “Why were these revisions done?” Some revisions were done to update the bible to today’s English. The only problem with this is the understanding of what the meanings of the words are supposed to be. If you read a new version of the bible you may find that what you believed was meant by the older version does not fall in line with the new version.

Then there is the question of the lost parts of the bible. Some of this was the text that was discovered in different parts of the world. Then there are the parts of the bible that was omitted by rulers in power at different times in history. Still, there are parts of the bible that were passed down by word of mouth for a period of time before they were written down. Not even getting into what the true translations might really mean because the same word having different meanings in different languages.

That is why it is so important for people to get in touch with their inner selves and accept only the truths that resonate with them. You have to be opened minded enough to be willing to weigh each new teachings you become exposed to your current teachings. If you do not feel that your current teachings are not servicing your needs. Maybe it is time to start to seek out different teachings that are of better service to you. That is not to say you have to reject the teachings you have grown up with. There are many spiritual people to be found in all the different belief systems. After all, if you go back to the basic teachings of all belief system you will find that they were based on love.

That over time we have all accepted that there is only one Higher Source. That it is this Higher Source that we are all praying to. It is this Higher Source that we all turn to in times of need and who we give thanks to when we receive blessings. We are more alike than most of us would care to omit. We all have basic needs and desires. We all want to feel safe and secure. Our dreams may be different, but we are all the same. We are all human beings trying to lead a successful life.

We are being lied to is the idea of lack. It is not that there is a shortage of anything because we are promised we will be provided for. That all our needs will be meant. We are being lied to with the idea that we are separate from the Higher Source. We are all one creation under the Higher Source. That we are all children of this same source and what this source will do for one it will do for another. That this source has no favorites all are loved unconditionally without respect of person.

That health is available once we find the cause of the disease. The disease could be stated as dis ease or lack of ease. That a lot of diseases are caused by emotions or stress. In the movie Heal, there was a story about a woman that was on her death bed. She grew up with the fear that she was a failure as far as her father was concerned. Once she passed over she met her father who had only unconditional love for her. She decided to reenter her body without the fear but only the love her father had for her. It was a short time later that she recovered completely. This is just one example of the stories in this move. This move showed that health can be achieved when you come to understand what caused the disease to begin with.

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