Praise to the Higher Source. Love unto man. Victory finally realized. All this and so much more. Such is life in this world. The path is easier today because of the ones who came before and paved the way. Yet it is the path few ventures to take. A path that I have chosen to follow, why I do not know. It is a driving force from within pushing me forward. Not for the rewards that I may receive but because of the people I might help. A love that is there yet so often not seen but it is out of this love I must serve.

Just words on paper. With different meanings to different people. Not two people seeing them the same way. The true meaning only is known to the author. Yet even he does not really understand it. Ideas flowing through his mind. Not really knowing where they are coming from. Only knowing that he must share them for those unseen that might find help in the time of need. Such is the life of a messenger.

Hallelujah was written in 1984 yet it did not become famous until 1994 ten years later. There are thousands of books and works of art that did not become famous until after the creator’s death. Even the master’s teachings did not become well known until long after they left this planet. Even Jesus found that he could not perform many miracles in his hometown. The really great ones are those that are great in other people’s eyes yet not in the eyes of those around them.

Some of us realize that they are helping others by their past deeds even if the only reward is the knowledge that others are being helped. The assurance that others are being helped by their present deeds. The hope that others will also be helped by their future deeds even when there is no knowing what those future deeds might be. For tomorrow is promised to no one. So we take today and thank the Higher Source for it.

We give thanks to the Higher Source for the talent that the Higher Source has provided for us. We pray that others will take the time to discover their own talents and put them to the best use possible. That others be open to the possibilities that are available to them. That even though it might not be their path. To show them the path that they had to follow to get where they are.

Hallelujah is a song about life’s difficulties yet the chorus is praise to the Higher Source. Never forgetting that there is a Higher Source. Giving thanks to the Higher Source even during times of trouble. Being misunderstood but not caring because the Higher Source understands where we are coming from. This Higher Source that knows what is in our heart. Seeing only the good in us and is blind to any evil deed we may have done when we had lost our way. The Higher Source who knows who and what we really are his children.

There is nothing that you have ever done or can do that will separate you from the love of the Higher Source. There are some of you out there that one day will find that you are being driven by a force from within. A force that you have to follow without foreseeable results. Knowing that you will be provided for even if it is not from the deeds you are driven to do. A service that you have to provide. Not for your own good but for the good of others. A service that you have to provide out of love because of the love you feel form the Higher Source. That the true reward is the joy if sharing. The true reward is using the talent you have been given to help others. The true reward is the love you are feeling from an unknown source. That defines who you are.

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