Life’s Turmoils

People are looking for ways to avoid life turmoils. They would like to sail through life with no problems at all. That is not the reason you decide to come to this planet in the first place. It is through life’s turmoils that we grow to become greater than we were before. Some people believe that once they become spiritually awakened that life will be a breeze. The fact is even people we believe are spiritually awaken still are facing problems during their daily lives.

One of the people I follow on youtube is Ester Hicks. Ester has no problem taking responsibility for anything that happens in her life. Ester freely shares the problems that she has faced and the possible causes behind them. Ester Hicks channels Abraham Hicks they teach the Law of Attraction so you would think anyone who should be able to breeze through life it would be her.

Stuart Wilde is a spiritual teacher who teaches that we really do not own anything. That when something disappears from your life not to worry about it. Stuart Wilde was doing well in life but felt weighed down by all his material possessions. He deiced to follow his spiritual path, and he left all that behind him. The story he tells is that when he left his apartment one day. That he threw his apartment key down a drain sewer and just walked away from everything.

Following your inner witness does not mean that you will not have problems. Following your inner witness does mean that you will have the blessed assurance that it will all work out. You may not see how it will work out while you are in the middle of it. Once you come out the other end you may then understand why you had to go through it. You may also see the growth you have received while you went through the problem. In Illusions by Richard Bach, it is stated “There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.

Problems are just a part of life and it is finding a solution to these problems that bring you joy. Your car has a flat tire that is a problem. When you get the tire fixed and are now headed down the road. That flat tire is no longer a problem. You got through the problem and it is now behind you. You do not even think about it anymore it is past history. Dwelling on problems does not do you any good. Finding solutions to your problems brings you success.

Being a spiritual person having a human experience helps you realize that you are more than any problem you may face in life. That problems in life are just signposting along the way showing you which way to go. That you should not worry about problems that may be down the road. Your only job is to keep in touch with your spiritual self. To following your inner witness and do as you are lead to do at the time you are lead to do it. That the Higher Source knows what is best for you and will provide you what you need when you need it.

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