Emotions can be boiled into two classes love or hate. We all want good emotions but are lost when we are taken over by bad emotions. We all have the desire to have some control over our bad emotions but do not know-how. One way that a lot of people found is to go somewhere where they are alone and just start yelling and screaming to release the built-up frustration. More often than not people hold in their frustration until they blow up over the smallest encounter.

One way to avoid this is to take the observer position. One exercise I learned a long time ago as I was listening to an audio program by Deepak Chopra where he was proving that we are not our thoughts. He explained that if we sit in silence and then watch our thoughts the question was then who is doing the watching. The person that was watching these thoughts was a higher self. If you can put yourself in the watcher mold instead of the reactive mode of our thoughts we can better decide how to react.

Eckhart Tolle teaches about the pain body this way. It is an accumulation of painful life experience that was not fully faced and accepted at the moment it arose. It leaves behind an energy form of emotional pain. It comes together with other energy forms from other instances, and so after some years, you have a “pain body,” an energy entity consisting of old emotion. Just understanding what a pain body is will help take control over your own pain body. When you know what triggers your pain body, then when one of the triggers exposes itself you know how to better respond to your pain body.

People can carry painful experiences for years after the first encounter. Some of these experiences can actually be completely forgotten and therefore the triggers are not known. That is why you may not understand why certain things upset you. You may go off at others without understanding why you with off on them. It may be because they display characteristics that you dislike in other people whom you dislike. These are just a few examples of triggers that you may not be aware of. The good news is that once you discover what triggers your bad emotions you can have better control over them.

Another way to control negative emotions is to play in your head how the scenario will play out. If you can not see a positive outcome. You may be better off dropping it before it gets out of hand. More often than not people do not take the time to look ahead and just blast away.

The best way to control emotions is to let the spirit be your guide. People you are more spiritual find that they are more likely to avoid situations where they display negative emotions. That is because they have the tenacity to be positive thinkers. This puts the law of attraction to their advantage because like attracts like. They also know that people say and do things that they do not mean out of frustration. When you come to know the Higher Source and feel the love that is there for you. Then you are able to spread that love unto others. You will also become less judgmental towards others because you will see them as they truly are children of the Higher Source. They like you are children of love and when in your true nature love is all you have for others.

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