Who To Believe In

According to many, you are not worthy and you need a savior. That you have to go outside yourself and find someone else to save you. That somehow you were born tainted from no fault of your own. That you are separated and all alone. So now you have to join some group and have to go through some ritual to be redeemed. Then you have to follow the rules of this group or you will be separate from the Higher Source forever. That is a system where you have required to live your life in fear. A system where you can do all that is required of you and still be separated from the Higher Source because of something you forgot to do. Even though you did not know that you were required to do it.

Then you have others tell you to believe in this invisible entity that you cannot see, hear, feel or touch. To believe in something that no one can prove even exist. That you have to somehow get in alignment with this invisible entity to get what you desire. That if you do not reach your desired result it is because you are somehow out of alignment with this invisible entity. That you cannot see, hear, feel or touch. So now you find yourself living in another system of fear. A system where if you do not get what you want it is your fault. That apparently you are doing something wrong. That the system is not the problem. That you are the problem.

When you were born you came into this planet with a clean slate. There was no past to think about or future to worry about. You were just here. There was not anything you had to do. It was up to others to provide for you. They had to provide you with food to eat. They had to provide you a space that was out of the environment to live in. They had to figure out what your problem was when you started to cry. Then provide you with whatever you needed to resolve the source of your discomfort. There was nothing to believe in because everything you needed was provided for you.

Then came the formative years where others taught you what they believed to be their truths. Being a clean slate you accepted their truths as your truths. You did not question their beliefs because it was all that you were exposed to. You accepted them as indisputable facts. Then you were exposed to others you had different truths than your parents. Now you had to decide which truths to accept as your truths. This is the time when you started to create your own belief system built on the information that you were exposed to. Then over time as you were exposed to more information you decided what you wanted to be part of your belief system through free choice.

The fact is that any belief system is nothing more than a set of ideas. Ideas come and go on a daily basis. As more information is presented ideas change. At one time doctors believed that to lower someone’s blood pressure all they had to do is to draw blood out of their system. At one time doctors did not believe in germs. Then someone discovered germs and the need to protect the people from germs when they decided a person need to operate on. So beliefs can and do change daily.

Now that we know what beliefs are how do we decide what to believe in. Well, let us look at what is. Air is, do you have to believe in the air? Gravity is when you throw a ball in the air do you have to exercise any kind of belief system to believe that the ball will come back down? Water is, Rock is, Sky is and so are you but what are you?

You are whatever you believe you are and nothing more. You can do what you believe you can do and nothing more. You can become anything that you believe you can become and nothing more. One of the masters came on this planet and told us what to believe in when he said: “Be it unto you as you believe.” So the only one that you can believe in is yourself. As far as you are concerned you are whatever was or whatever will be. In your world, you are all there is and all that will ever be. It is your life that you are living in your world. We come into conflict when we try to live in someone else’s world. We come in conflict when we try to be something that we are not to please someone else. Stop trying to be anything. Just be what you are because in reality that is all you can ever be.

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