Peace Is Available To All

Peace on earth, goodwill to men. Peace on earth is available although many believe that it will never come about. Yet we can see that the seeds planted years ago is starting to blossom. Even though there are pockets of hate still on this planet. It is being exposed for all to see if they would open their eyes. More and more people are experiencing peace in their life and they are sharing with others that this peace is available to all.

All conflicts we see in the world are only deference is this thing we call beliefs which is the only way of thinking. Yet when people sit down and discuss their different beliefs. You will find that people are really not that far apart. It is their own way that they perceive their basic truths. The truth is that we have created labels. Which in itself is not wrong. We need labels for us to understand what things are. Yet when we use labels to describe a certain group of people we have created a division between ourselves. We use the actions of a few to describe the group as a whole. While most of the people in this group are not that way at all. Yet because they have decided to be part of this group they feel that they have to go along with what the group is doing.

We are all human beings and as human beings, we are all individuals. Each different from everyone else yet because our desire to be part of a group has accepted what is called groupthink. So they accept the group’s ideas as their own ideas. Then when a few that are leaders of the group decide to incorporate different beliefs. Even though they are different than the original beliefs of the group. Because you are part of that group you blindly accept these new beliefs. Even though they are different than their beliefs.

This is the way it has been for thousands of years but it is starting to change. More and more people are becoming independent thinkers. I believe that the internet is a big part of this moment. People are able to more easily do research and find both sides of the story. Also, people are able to be exposed to different information that was not readily available to them before.

Case in point. I have become a follower of Abraham Hicks. This is information that I would never be exposed to if it was not for the internet. I am also able to listen to different meditations as I go to sleep at night. All provide to me for the small cost of having internet service and the cost of a tablet or a computer. These are just two examples of the information available to me by way of the internet.

All the things that were hidden are now being revealed. It is being brought to light that many are be controlled by just a few. People are now claiming their own independence. People are beginning to realize that there is a higher power that is really in control. That their faith in this High Source shields them from the evil of man. That now their life is a life lived in peace. That all things work out for those that believe in this Higher Source. That as more men and women learn to walk in the spirit they are beginning to find peace in their lives.

You see we all live on the same planet but we all live in our own world. Even individuals living under the same roof are living in different realities. Each individual lives in their own reality. Now since we all live in our own reality we have the ability to choose what reality we want to live in. So you can choose to either believe in the spiritual world with all its promises and benefits. Or you can believe in the way of man that leads to destruction.

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