The Lessons Of Life

Some people believe that we are here to learn lessons and even though people do learn lessons in their life time. We where not put here to learn lessons, we where put here to enjoy experiences. Life was meant to be joyful, filled with happiness and love.

The problem is when we agreed to come here, we also agreed, for a time, to forget the great beings that we are. That was because to really enjoy the experience we have to become enmeshed in the experience.

When you go to a amusement park. You may enjoy just walking around and watching others have fun but the real reason you decided to go to the amusement is to get into the experience and enjoy everything that the amusement park has to offer.

It is not the end result that we are suppose to experience, it the journey along the way. It is the steps along way that are the most enjoyable experience. It is putting the pieces together, finding which pieces go where and what pieces are not needed. Finding out what works and what does not work. The joy of small success along the way. The excitement that you experience when a new idea comes available to help you along the way to reach your goal.

Yes there is enjoyment once you reach a goal but then what? In most cases once a goal is reached the very next thing a person usually does is to find another goal to reach for. So in that sense it is not reaching the goal, it is the excitement of having a goal to strive towards. That is where the real enjoyment comes from.

So even though you are an infinite being after a while if you always have come to you when you want it you would get bored. There is no fun when the outcome is predetermined before you even start. The fun is in making things come together in a natural way to reach the outcome you desire.

The Higher Source will never give you more then you can handle. There is no obstacle that will be placed in your way of reaching your goal that you can not overcome. All an obstacle is the Higher Source telling you that you are going the wrong way. Then it is only stepping back and reviewing all the options that are available and then selecting the best option for the situation.

This is what life is really about. Always growing, always expanding, and always achieving. People who are not enjoying life is the people that believe that they are stuck. People who feel that they have no choices. Can you believe that? The greatest gift the Higher Source has given us is the power of choice and yet there are people who feel that they have no choices. So even at the darkest time in your life remember that there are choices that you can make to turn your life around. It is only a matter of taking the time to get quit within and listen for those choices. Believe me they will come to you and you will find a light at the end of the tunnel.

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