A New Era Is Upon Us

This is your journey. You have chosen to come here at this time because you wanted to be part of the group that is going to raise the consciousness level of the planet. You can see it in the news today. People are being exposed for their true nature. There is a battle going on between good and evil as it has never been before.

The question is why? Why now? What is really going on? Why is all things that were hide in the dark now coming into the light for all to see? Why? Why? Why?

Is it that just maybe the consciousness is really starting to raise? Are we in the process off entering a new era? Is the age of enlightenment at our door step? Are thing really getting better? Questions, questions and even more questions. What are the answers?

I believe the change started to take place in 2012. To me that was the year that the great awaking started to happen. It was not a sudden change that took place overnight. That now we are in the process of choice. People are in the process of, in light of the new information that is beginning to come into the light, having to choose do I want to stay in the old way or do I want to embrace this new way of thinking that is bringing forward the new age.

An age of understanding each other as we never understood before. Seeing each other as we never where able to see before. The knowledge that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. That we no longer have to live in fear (false evidence appearing real) because we now can walk in this new light. This new light where we all know that we can connect with the Higher Source for a personal experience of love. The unconditional love that leads to peace beyond understanding and when you are at peace within yourself, you are at peace with the world.

Like a pebble thrown into a pond, all it takes is an idea to start a ripple that continues to grow and reach more and more people. As each individual accepts this idea and makes it their own. They have a tenancy to share their ideas with others. Who in turn accepts it as their own and share it with others. Till it is accepted as a fact among the masses.

So as these thoughts are shared with others and more and more people accept the fact that indeed we are entering the age of enlightenment. Then in fact we will enter the age of enlightenment. The age when we will find peace on earth. An age where we will look at war as a barbaric act and find it hard to understand how our ancestors could have been evolved in such acts. An age where we no longer have hate and in fact just the idea of hating a fellow spiritual being is inconceivable. An age where we police ourselves and follow the laws of the Higher Source which is way above any law made by man.

So if you believe that this will never happen. Then I have some bad news for you. It is already happening and there is no way to stop it. Try as you might the old ways are falling away and the new way is already upon us.

About The Author

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