Feel Their Presence

You are loved and you are never alone. The Higher Source has put in place not only his love but the love of others. Once you discover your inner self you will start to feel the love you have for yourself it will grow and grow until you feel nothing else but the love for yourself. Until one day you will realize that you can be anything that you want to be so why not be love. It will be on that day you will become love.

But the Higher Source did not stop there. He also assigned spiritual guides to always be with you. You can not see these guides but they are always with you. They are your friends and yes they love you unconditionally. They are there to help guide you to all your desires. They are also there to comfort you in times of need. In the old testament Elisha prayed that his servants eyes be opened and the servants eyes where opened and he saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. I know that this was Elisha and he was a special messenger of the Higher Source but the Higher Source has no respect of person what he did for the protection of Elisha if needed would also provide for you.

Then there are your dearly departed ones. Who are there watching over you. Do you for one minute think that their for love for you ended on their death bed? The answer to that question is no. They will return to you again and again. You may smell a fragrance and realize that it is the perfume of one of your dearly departed one. Sometime they return to you in your dreams. Then there are times while in a quit place you may ask your dearly departed one a question and feel the answer come in your mind.

You see your dearly departed one is not dead for there is no death there is only a change of form. From the physical world to the spiritual world. The great news is that after they pass over they are able to look over their past life and understand where the people in their past life where coming from. There is no negative on the other side, there is only forgiveness. So if there was a problem between you and your loved one it is no longer a matter. They forgive you and ask for your forgiveness if they were in the wrong. They only have love for you and do wish that if there is anything dividing them and you that it be dissolved and forgotten.

So you see you are never alone you have a whole army of people on the other side. Caring for you, loving you and only wish the best things for you. So take the time to get quit and feel their presence.

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