The Lord Is My Shepherd

Do you have a want or need bring it to the Higher Source and claim it fulfilled by the promise of the statement above. If you read the rest of the Psalm you will find all the things that the Higher Source will provide for you. This is not open to a selective few but is available to all. You have not because you have not asked. Everything you have a desire for has already been provided for you by the promises you can find in the bible.

When you make the Higher Source your source them there is no limitation of what you can receive or far you can go. The only limits in your life is the limits that you have placed on yourself by your thoughts and beliefs. Every belief is first a thought that you have accepted as a fact. I now of a lot of beliefs that I have had in my life that I have changed. The change came about when new facts was presented to in one form or another. It was only after I viewed this new facts in light of my current beliefs that I was able to weigh which belief served me best. And yes I have has those ah ha moments that really took me back and shed a new light on my way to thinking.

I can still remember the day the comment that was made to me by employer that changed my life. He told me that he had more convince in me then I had in myself. I then realized that I was being held back by my own lack of convince. This was a false belief I had about myself that was holding me back from all that I could be. Now my question to you is “What false belief do you have about yourself that is holding you back”? These false beliefs have stopped more people from even trying to do something that could change their forever because somewhere along the line they pick up the belief that they can not do it.

You may have to some real digging into your belief system to root out these false beliefs. Some people believe that there are beliefs carried over from past lives that are affecting their current life. In the book illusions by Richard Bach there is a story about a girl and her grandfather you came for a plane ride. It was the grandfather who wanted the plane ride. Richard took the grandfather for a plane ride and on their return Donald was taking off with the girl. The grandfather was surprised that his granddaughter was taking a plane ride because she was terrified of heights. When Donald came back from the plane the granddaughter told her grandfather that Donald had told her that the reason for her fear of heights was because she had fallen in her past life. Now equipped with that new knowledge the girl was no longer afraid of heights.

Now I am not telling you to go to a past life regression therapy to find out these false belief. All you have to do is when you come upon a belief that is holding you back from reaching your desire is to examine this belief and see if still a valid belief. If it is no longer a belief that is a service to you then change that to a belief that will serve you.

In closing just remember the only thing that is standing between you and your desires is your thoughts and beliefs. The Higher Source has no respect of persons. What has provided for others, he will provide for you.

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