Life Is Great

I know at times it may not seem that life is great but over all life is great. It all depends where you are living at the moment. If you are trying to live in the future but you can not see how that future will come about you are looking at it though the carnal mind. This is very easy trap to fall into because you do not see any results of the efforts you are putting into reaching your goals. The truth is that things can change in a heart beat. You have no idea how the universe is working to bring this about. That is because your way, the way that the carnal world works, is not the way the Higher Source works.

It is not your job to worry about the future because really you do not have control over what is going to happen tomorrow all you have control is the present moment. People do not like to hear that because they want to feel that they are in complete control over their life. They make their plans and start to put the steps that they feel are necessary to reach their goal. Then when things come up that block them from taking the next step they start to feel frustrated and start to worry that there is no way they are going to reach their goal.

I am really pouring my heart out here because this is the place I am in now. I even had a dream last night that I was crying to my wife that I am doing everything I know how to do and was not seeing the results. So much for letting go and letting the Higher Source fulfilling my desires. This was to show me that even though I talk the talk that I am really not walking the walk. This may be because I am looking at the things the way they are by the carnal world standards and not though spiritual eyes.

The truth is I have no idea what the universe has planned for me. That I am telling the universe that I want it done this way. When in fact the universe has something better in store for me. That even though I am working hard trying to do it my way that I am being block because this is not the way the universe wants me to go. Mean while I am enjoying the benefits of the trip even though I am not seeing the results I feel that I should be seeing. I know that I am getting impatient because in my mind I am not reaching as many people I need to reach to bring about my goal.

I know all this and yet I am falling for the trap that so many have fallen into. Thinking of giving up before the desires have time to manifest. Instead of trusting in the Higher Source that has my benefit at heart. Even though I can look in my past and see how the things have worked out for my benefit. That the Higher Source has always taken care of me. That I have Spiritual Guides working for me. That I am receiving messages from the Higher Source that I am doing what I am suppose to do at this time. That I am trying to live in the future instead of enjoying the present moment. The fact is my life is great at the present moment. That I am falling into the trap of the worrying about future that I have no control over.

The truth is that these daily blog post are part of my marketing plan and even though I am not reaching as many as I like to, two things are happening. The first is that I am growing daily as I share these post because these post are not information that I am already have available and just spoon feeding out. This is information that is being given me at the present moment. The second is that the people that I am reaching are being enriched by my post and the people I reach in the future may be in the same place that I am in at this moment and by reading these post gives them the encouragement that they need to help them along there own path.

That all that matters is that I know the Higher Source loves you and me and will always work out the things in life to be a benefit to everyone involved and that Life Really Is Great.

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