Let It Be

I am the Source of all there is or ever will be. All power is in me and nothing is done unless it is done though me. I am the alpha and the omega, the yin and the yang. Every breath you take is though me, every heart beat is because of me. Without me, nothing would be. And so are you because you are a part of me and I could not exist without you. Nor would I want to. For my love for you is so great. I could not live with you.

You have no idea who you are or the power you process. All thing are made available to you and I have held nothing from you. Yet you let the cares of this illusion control your existence. You are above all this and you know it. You are just enjoying this illusion so much that you have lead yourself to believe that it is all there is. You can not let it go till you see how it ends. Some of you have learned how to take control of this illusion and work it out for your best benefit. Yet it is still an illusion with a different ending. This is the way it was meant to be an enjoyable illusion where every need is fulfilled. An illusion of peace and joy and love.

An illusion where everything works together, where there are friends and there is family. Where everything you could ever want is already provided because in reality it is. An beautiful and pleasant illusion. I feel this illusion flowing though me and this illusion is good. Let not your hearts be troubled for I am always with you and would never leave you. Rest in peace and dream your dreams and see if I will not help them become your illusion.

So if I am the one who beats your heart and breathe your breath without your intention or interaction just imagine what else I would I do for you. If I love you so much that I am with you every second of every day from the time you are born until your death beating your heart and breathing your breath. Would not I also provide everything to make your illusion just the way you want it to be.

The reason why your illusion is not the way you want it to be is because you have not let it be. You have let others control your illusion and you have tried to control it yourself. You look at others illusion and believe that their illusion it is part of your illusion they are not unless you allow them to be part of your illusion. So if your illusion is not the illusion you wish for do not worry because it can changed.

I am the creator of heaven and earth. I have placed the planets in their obit. I am the source that holds everything in its place. Now if I can do all this? Can I not create the illusion that you desire? Can I not fulfill all your dreams and desires? It is not your place to create that is my job. You are not a co-creator that is not your job. Your job is to image the illusion you want to live in and then let the rest to me for I am the creator. Yes there are steps that I will lead you to take along the way but that does not mean that you are a co-creator that is just letting others know that you wish for them to be a part of your illusion. Then it is up to them if they want to let you be part of their illusion. For we all live in our own illusion and we let other illusions intercede with ours.

So dream your dreams and let your imagination have a vision of the illusion you wish to live in. Then let it be. Every minute of every day be thankful that your illusion is being created by the Higher Source. Enjoy the journey down the path and watch as the pieces fall into place of the illusion you have imaged.

About The Author

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