Life is great, if you do not believe me ask me and I will tell you ‘Life Is Great’. This is a statement I make to myself on a regular basis. And for me life is great but it was not always that way. Maybe now because I am older and in a good relationship. Not to mention my current income exceeds my current debt. So for me at least life is great. Yet I know that this is not the case for everyone.

So what came first the believe or the result. Most of you will realize the question was a dumb one. Of course the belief always comes first and then the result. Then way are there so many people who are not examining their beliefs and replacing them with ones that will better serve them? It is maybe because they do not realize that they can change their beliefs? That they believe they are who they are and nothing is going to be able to change that. That they have no control over their over their own life. Sadly this is the case more often then not.

The truth of the matter is beliefs are not set in stone. That beliefs can be changed and are being changed on a regular basis. That once a person realizes his way thinking was in error or he is introduced to a new way of thinking that he had not known about before and it makes sense to him. Then he is more willing to accept this new belief.

Beliefs is what make us who we are. It is our beliefs that determine where we live, who are friends are, if and where we go to church, and where we shop just to name a few. And we will fight to the end in defense of our beliefs.

That is not to say that from time to time we should not sit down and examine our beliefs and see if they still serve us. There was a time when people thought that the world was flat and even though there are still some that believe that most people believe the world is round. So what changed this belief? In one word knowledge.

I have exposed myself to a vast amount of information over the years and even though I am willing to admit I may be wrong. I have accepted the information that best suits me and this is true with everyone. In fact they will search for all the knowledge that reinforces their basic belief system and reject all the information that does not fall in line with their basic belief system

The only true source for knowledge is from within. There are a lot of times that I will be feed some knowledge from the source within and share that knowledge with my readers and then be lead to read something or watch a video that backs up the knowledge that I have shared. The thing is I did not go out trying to find this knowledge to back up my statements. Some force outside myself lead me to this information to verify that what I was sharing was indeed true.

I believe, like a lot of others, that we are in the mist of a great awakening do largely to the availability of information that is being shared on the internet. We are being exposed to a lot of information that was not available to the general public. Now that the information is made available to more people. More people are changing their beliefs based on this new information. This in turn is raising the conscious level of the world

The great thing about this new movement is that it is individuals who sharing their own experiences with their connection to the Higher Source and they are sharing out of love for their fellow man. There is no group of individuals spreading this information to enhance their own growth be it a church or government.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom has two websites  Your Workbook For Success and Abandoned E-Books

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