Your Only Source

I am your only true source. The ways of man are not the way of the Higher Source. I know some of you have an idea on how I should pour my blessings onto you. When you feel that I should bless your work a certain way you are limiting me on how I should bless you. I know that you want security and feel that if you can build up a business to the point that you will have financial security that all will be well. This is the way of man not the Higher Source.

The point is that you are not to have any other god before you. That is not to say that I do not direct some of my children t go into business and bless them though their endeavors. It all has to do with the frame of the mind of the individual. It also has to do with your limited sight. You can only see down the road to the next bend in the road. While I see the whole road.

When you set up a plan and feel that this is the way that the Higher Source will bless you and it does not work out as you have planned. It is not that you have failed because it was I who gave you the idea in the first place. It may have only been a stepping stone to something better. Even though you may feel you have failed in truth there is no such thing as failure.

If you look back at what you consider a failure, All I see is the growth that had taken place during the process. Just look back and see how much you have learned during the process. From the planning stage to putting all the resources together to start the endeavor then running the process to the point were you have decided to end the process is all a string of learning and growth.

If you keep your focus on me as your source and let things work out in time, which on this plane is the natural way, then you will have the desires of your heart. I know that you would like nothing better then you have immediate success in your endeavors but even though you believe that others have had immediate results that is not usually the case.

There was a process that person had to go though before he was able to accomplish his results. All you see is the end results. You have no idea what it took for this individual go though to finally reach the point where he was able to enjoy his success. Nor do you realize just how long this success will last. Just look at all the programs that have come to an end over time. You have no idea how many people have been hurt when these programs come to an end.

That is way a person will work at a job till they reach retirement age because of the security they feel by having a job. Which is not really a problem as long their job does not become their god. As long as I am still your true Source and I have put the feeling in you that you are where you are suppose to be doing what you are suppose to be doing.

That is way you will see a lot of people become a greater success after what most would consider retirement age. It is because they usually have at least their basic needs met by their retirement funds and now they are free to pursue their other dreams. Plus they have the time to spend on their endeavors because usually at this age the children are grown and on their own.

So rest assured that I will always be there to provided for all your needs and if there is something you are endeavoring on seems not to be working out for you. Get into silence and require your inner voice to direct you on the path you should be following. I will always provide an answer and I will always direct your path.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom has two websites  Your Workbook For Success and Abandoned E-Books

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