The World And You

When your consciousness levels increases you become more aware of your connection to the Higher Source, your connection to those around you and your connection to the world. You start to realize all is one. Like a well oiled machine with all the individual parts working together for the good of the whole unit. And if one of these parts begins to fail it affects the whole machine.

As your consciousness level increases your life begins to improve. The higher your consciousness level the less the things of the world affects you. You will find that there is more peace in your life because you will be attracting less drama. That is because as you change on the inside the world around will start to reflect these changes on the outside.

People that brought so much drama in the past will either bring in less drama or will fade out of your life altogether. There are two reasons why this happens. The first reason is because like attracts like. So if there is no longer a match the two parties will draft apart. The second reason is because as you raise your own consciousness level you are raising the consciousness level of others.

I remember at one time I heard a recording by Wayne Dyer where he explained how many people are affected by the consciousness of others. As he went up the different consciousness levels he explained how many people would have their consciousness raised by the effort of this one individual. Now we are not talking about one or two people being affected, we are talking thousands. This had a big impact on me. To realize little old me could have such an effect on thousands of people just by taking the time and effort to raise my own consciousness level. Not to mention the benefits I would receive by increasing my consciousness level.

Unfortunately I no longer have access to that recording and after doing an intensive search on Google I was not able to find any reference to this subject manner. Although there where references to different levels of consciousness from as little as three all the way up to ten. The one I liked the best showed the seven levels of Spiritual consciousness. Even though different people list the seven different stages in different way. They all agreed that there was three lower levels and four higher levels.

Spiritual consciousness is refereed to the individuals understanding the spirit that is within themselves. As a person becomes more aware of his spiritual side he gets a clearer view of the world the way it is and how it could be. In fact because we each have the power to create our own reality by the power of choices we make. You can separate yourself from the world you live in now to start living in the world of your choice.

In one sense some would consider this being selfish but the fact still remains you have to take care of yourself so you will be able to take care of others. The best thing you can do to help others is to be a living example of a well balanced person. A person who is free from the control of others by taking responsibility for their own actions. A person who knows who they really are because they have aligned with the Higher Source.

The thing is as you start down the road of spiritual enlightenment even though this is a path traveled alone you are never alone. There is a host of Guides and Angels cheering you on and the Higher Source there to help you every steep of the way. Also remember when you help yourself, you are helping others around you and as you raise your consciousness level you are raising the consciousness level of the world.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two websites  Your Workbook For Success and Abandoned E-Books

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