Things That Did Not Happen

As a student of Spiritual Enlightenment over time I learned to respond to my intuition. Some believe that when you pray you are talking to the Higher Source and your intuition is the Higher Source is talking to you. Those tiny hits you get now and then. The impulse to do something at a given time. Usually it is not a matter of life and death but there have been cases that it did turn out to be life or death. Like the man who decided to call in sick on the day the Twin Towers came down. But most of the time it just turns out to be an inconvenience because you have to go back and do it at a later time.

Most people do not take the time to become familiar with their intuition to be able to relay on it in their daily lives. It is just something that happens now and then and if you listen to it nothing happens. So there is no telling what could have happened but when you do not listen to it and something undesirable happens you realized that you should have listened to your intuition.

Like I said I have learned to respond to it and use it as a guide in my daily life. It was not always that way, I had first become familiar to what I call the still small voice. Then there had to be number of times that I listened to and had good results and when I did not listen to and had to back and correct something that would have been taken care of if I had listened to it. That I learned to trust it.

Now I could say here to always follow your intuition but I am not going to do that because until you have taken the time to get familiar with your own intuition and have come to trust it. There is no telling that it might have just been a random thought running though your mind. I do not want something to happen to someone because they thought they where following their intuition and it was just a random thought.

Like I said I have come to recognize this still voice and use it daily. On my job as a Letter Carrier there is more times then I could number when this still small voice reminded that I had a package to deliver at the address I was at or to double check the address to make sure I did not miss deliver it to the wrong address. Now that I am off on sick leave for a few months I have decided to start an online business. So I am using my inner voice as a guide on how I should run my online business. It is great knowing that it will be a success because I am being guided by the Higher Source on how it should run.

I rest assured that the right people will show up at the right time to help me make this business a success. And that time really does not matter because I will always be taken care of by this Higher Source who is so much wiser than I am. I like everyone else can only see so far down the road. Where as the Higher Source already sees the success that will manifest and that more importantly is the people who will be helped though my efforts.

What I hope for is that others come to know the Higher Source as I do. To have the peace that passes all understanding. Knowing that there is a Higher Source who is in charge and is looking out for our welfare. To understand that as a loving Higher Source, he will never force himself on anyone but is always there to for those that call on him. That the Higher Source only desire is to have a personal relationship with his children. That he wants to relieve you of your sufferings and give you the knowledge that is required to overcome this world. To help you realize that even though you are in this world that you are not of this world. That first and foremost you are a Spiritual Being having a human experience. That you can take control of your life and live it the way you want to live it.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two websites  Your Workbook For Success and Abandoned E-Book

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