The Garden Of Eden

As the story goes Adam and Eve ate of the apple and broke the only commandment that the Higher Source gave them so they were driven out of the garden of Eden. Well that is not the whole story. I left out the most important part. They were ashamed and hid themselves from the Higher Source. In short they were the ones that turned there back on the Higher Source.

Jesus added to this story when he told the parable about the prodigal son. Showing that if they would have returned to the Higher Source they would have been forgiven.

The fact is man has turned his back on the Higher Source and believed the story of man. The story that we are not worthy and that of a judgmental god. God created in mans image instead of the other way around. Yet everyone is saying the The Higher Source is Love. Then they blame the Higher Source for everything that goes wrong in the world. When it is man that has brought about all the evil and sickness that is in the world though his mind.

Thoughts are not created things by themselves. You can have all the wrong thoughts all day long as long as they are just thoughts. Bad thoughts creep into everyone’s mind from time to time. It is not the bad thoughts, it is what we do with them. If we just dismiss them then we take the life out of them but if we entertain them and put emotions behind them then we give them life. Even if we do not do anything but think them with emotions they have been given life and are released into the atmosphere. Now the thought is out there for any one else to pick up and act on.

There is nothing on this planet that is either good or evil that was not created by man though his thoughts. Going back to Adam and Eve there minds was not on a loving Higher Source. There mind was on a judgmental god who was going to punish them. How do I know? Because they hid themselves. Then they played the blame game. Adam blamed Eve and then Eve blamed the snake. Not taking responsibility for there own actions.

The truth is we do create our own reality and some times we let unguarded thoughts creep in that later manifest into our reality. Well cancer runs in the family. No one in my family ever amounted to much. If you want to succeed then you have to work hard. Ninety-seven percent of business fail within the first five years. The cards are stacked against me. Everyone else gets all the brakes. Excuse me for releasing all those negative thoughts into the atmosphere because as I was stating them I did feel some emotions attached to them. I bind those thoughts now by the power of the Higher Source and ask that they be erased as though they where never uttered.

Yes that is another gift we have been given ,by the Higher Source, the power to bind and the power to release. So if you feel negative thoughts creep in or slip out of your mouth as soon as you realized you thought or uttered them bind by the power of the Higher Source.

I believe that is way we are having all these children born with learning disabilities. The more we talk about it the more it is manifested. There is even a show where a one of the doctors has a learning disability. We are beginning to accept it as a norm which is never a good idea. Now do not get me wrong we do not want to hide it but we could starting believing that there will be a cure found for this problem.

So let us start to release positive thoughts and when the negative thoughts creep in as soon as you realize that you have been having them bind them by the power of the Higher Source do that be taken out of the atmosphere before they have a chance to manifest.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two websites Your Workbook For Success and Abandoned E-Books

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