A New Day Dawning

The world is changing. If you don’t believe me just look around and see for your self. The last 100 years has seen more growth and advancements then any other time in history. Things seem to be changing almost daily. We are living during exciting times.

So what does the future hold? This is my vision of what the world can become.

This is not a new vision but one that people been hoping and praying for. Songs have been song about it. Preachers have been preaching about it. Authors have been writing about it. I am talking about heaven on earth. I am talking about the impossible dream. Life the way you wish it would be. Life the way it was meant to be from the beginning of creation. It is closer to becoming a reality then you think or hoped to dream.

There is a new spiritual movement-taking place. People are realizing who they really are and what their true purpose here is. Blinders are being taken of and people are realizing their own power within. Truths that were once hidden are now visible for all to see, if they would only open their eyes. Fear is being replaced with love and with love there is understanding.

What I am talking about is walking by the spirit.

Getting in touch with your real self, your higher self, leads to spiritual guidance. As you learn to listen to your spirit, you do not have to be afraid about making wrong choices. How many times in your life have you said to yourself, something was telling me not to make that choice, if I had only listened? As you walk in the spirit, you walk in love and where there is love, there cannot be fear.

I have some bold statements here. I can make these statements because I know them to be true. You are not alone, ever. There are spirits and angels standing by wanting to help and guide you. If only you would ask. The first step in asking is to acknowledge them and thank them. The second step is to listen to their promptings.

The first truth that you must accept as fact is that you are loved. Don’t believe that you are loved; know it with every fiber of your being. No matter what you have done in the past, you are loved. I know the word love has been over used. When I talk about love, I am talking about universal love. You are not here by accident; you do have a purpose for being here.

There are powers in the universe that we know little if anything about. These powers are now being brought to light to help man progress to the next level. Over the next few years we will see more healing and miracles then we have seen at any time in history. These powers will not come from the religious community but will be brought about by ordinary people who have learned to get in touch with there higher self. People like you and me who go to work everyday and lead what we consider a normal life but when needed will answer the calling of the spirit and help and heal others, to teach others how to reach for their higher selves.

They will not look to others for their support but will rely on the universe to provide for their needs. This is not to say that at times others will be lead to present them with gifts but that they will not seek these gifts. People who understand universal laws know that giving and receiving work hand and hand to bring blessings to both the giver and the receiver. Therefore you should never refuse a gift no matter how small or how great because you do not want to cheat the giver out of their blessing.

I am talking about a world of love. You either walk in love or you walk in fear. As people learn that they can change their world by changing their choices they will choose love every time. With love all things are possible. You have control over your own mind. You can believe whatever you want to believe. By your believes you can control your world. You can choose love it is up to you.

I love life I know that after I die I will return again. This world was created for man to live in and enjoy. Evil is a creation of man not of God, fear is a device invented by man to have control over others. When you walk in love you have no fear therefore no man can have control over you. There are two kinds of power in this world. The first power created this world with all its gifts for man to enjoy life with. Everything man would need or want is provided for him by the power of love. The other power man created. Men who somewhere along the line lost touch with their spirit. Found they can use force to control others through fear.

The first power is internal you carry it with you where ever you go. No one can take it from you. It cannot be stolen or destroyed in any way. It is to be shared with others, to be freely given away. This power comes from the heart and the spirit. The more love you give away, the more love returns to you because the law cannot be changed. What you sow, you will reap. When you live by the first power even in times of trouble you have no fear. For you know that help will come, sometimes from unexpected sources. You know that everything that happens has a purpose. That for those that walk by the spirit everything works out for their own good. That you cannot be defeated no matter what forces work against you.

The second power is external and can be lost as easily as it is gained. People who live by the second power live in fear because their power comes from external sources. Life savings can easily be lost by a small shift in the stock market. Jobs can be lost and companies shut down. When you live by external power. You leave yourself exposed to changes outside your control. You can become a victim of circumstances.

With the introduction of the computer new ways of communicating has arose. People are able to share with each other any where in the world. There are no boundaries, no limitations on who you can reach with these truths. As more and more people learn to walk by the spirit and teach their children to walk by the spirit. War will cease, hunger will cease, fear will cease and love will abound through out the world. Just wait and see.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books

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