In My Name

I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other gods before me. I am the light who so ever follows me shall not walk in darkness. This being the case then whenever you use the phrase “I am” you are using the Higher Sources name. Ask anything in my name and I will do it for you. So that the Higher Source will be glorified though you.

I know I am getting into some hard teachings at this point. Some of what I am saying only a few will be able to take in and understand where I am coming from so I will try to be as gentle as I can. So where exactly am I going with all this?

I want you to realize a few different bits of information that will come all together and give you a different way to look at things.

The first statement I made was that the true name of the Higher Source is I Am. I Am, the Lord your God. “I AM” is used in the bible over 300 times as referring to the Name of God. In the next statement I am pointing out that anything you look to as your source, other then the Higher Source, is replacing you true Higher Source or making that source your god. Everything that is good comes from the Higher Source as gifts to his children. In the third statement I am showing you that the Higher Source is the light and as his children you also are the light and will not walk in darkness. Then in the last statement I am showing you that you have been given the right to use the Higher Sources name. In my name ask anything and it will be done for you.

This is where it gets scary because we have been using the Higher Sources name all our lives without realizing it. It is no wonder the world is in the shape it is today because we are more prone to use I am in a negative way. I am dumb, I am sick, I am worthless, I am afraid, etc. Can you see where I am going with this. Ask anything in my name and it shall be done for you. We really need to start and turn this around. Because you have complete control over your life and look at what you have been asking for.

What we need to do is use I am only in positive statements.

I Am love. I am a child of the Higher Source who is unconditional love, therefore I am unconditional love and will show my unconditional love to others because of the unconditional love shown to me by the Higher Source.

I am well. I trust in the Higher Source to show me how to take care of this magnificent body he has given me. By what I should eat, how I should exercise, and what thoughts I should accept and dwell on.

I am abundant because I know that the Higher Source has given me his name to ask anything I desire. So what should I ask for I am successful, I am capable, I am honest, and I am more then a conqueror just to name a few.

So my children go boldly forward knowing that you are loved and that you have the power of my name to fulfill any of your desires.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books

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