In The Beginning

Not a very good title because in fact there never was a beginning just like there will never be an end. Once we decided to come to this planet and took on a human life form we are imminently thrown into the duality of life and death, a beginning and an end. So it is no wonder that we can not warp our brain around the fact of everlasting. Sure most of us accept the fact that once we leave this world that we will enter in to an everlasting live. What we can not accept is the idea that we have always been alive in some different kind of form before we where born into this world.

For the most part we just drift from day to day. Doing whatever we have to do to provide for ourselves and our family. Not realizing that there is a better way to live on this plant. Sure most of believe in a Higher Source but few are there that learn to trust in this Higher Power to provide for all our needs. Some of the teachings we receive state that we will be judged upon our death and could even be cast into a fiery pit where we will spend the rest of eternity being punished for our sins. No wonder we do not trust in this Higher Source.

The problem is we have created this Higher Source in our image instead of believing that we are created in the Higher Sources image. Once we start to realize that we are created in the Higher Sources image this opens up a new beginning for us. So I guess that was not such a bad title after all because we are talking about the beginning of the new man, the enlighten man. The man that has finally realized who he really is. So here the message to the enlightened man.

My dear child do you not know that the only purpose you have in life is to find yourself. To discover the real you. The person with the power of choice to choose whatever kind of life you want to live. Do you not realize that I am with you always and would not give you a desire if there where not some way for this desire to be realized. That all you have to do is make your request unto Me and then believe that they will be fulfilled and that in fact it has already been fulfilled but you are not ready to receive them because of your limited beliefs. You limit Me from pouring out the blessings that I wish to pour down on you. That you have put mans ideas and ways above My ideas and ways.

Man says that ninety-seven percent of people trying to start a business fail. I say that if you would trust in me that one hundred percent of people who start a business would succeed. That there is no such a thing as failure in my vocabulary. Tell me when have you seen the Higher Source fail at anything. Do not you realize that you are part of Me and if I cannot fail neither can you. Stop limiting yourself by mans limited beliefs and start to believe like I believe. Did not I say all things are possible for those of my children who believed.

Another thing I created your body and the Higher Source does not create junk. I did not create sickness and disease. These too are mans inventions. Believe in the perfect body that I have created for you and you can have it. But you can not abuse the body. You have to take care of the body by loving yourself as I love you. Listen to the inner voice of your heart and you will be guided on how to care for your body.

Relationships are from the heart. All to often people get married for the wrong reasons. A lot of times people marry out of fear or selfish desires. Marriage is a union of two people to fulfill each others needs. A joint venture where both parities agree to look out for each other in unconditional love. The same love I as the Higher Source have for you.

Finally you are my children and I will always take care of you. I will always give you the desires of your heart because I know that heart desires always has the best interest of all involved at heart. That is why I said give and it will be given to you pressed down shaken together and running over.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books

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