Living From The Heart

When you live from the heart. You are really living out of love. In fact when you live from the heart you actually bypass your rational mind and are acting from your heart mind. According to an Metaphysics-For-Life article “Scientific research reveals that the human heart is thousands of times more powerful and influential than the brain in sending signals and information to the rest of the human body.” The fact is that the heart sends signals to the brain in the form of intuition. These signals actually bypass the filtering system we get from our five senses. This filtering system is there to filter out unneeded information from the vast amount of information we receive. The problem with this is we see what we believe filtering out what we do not believe. Maybe that is where the saying came from “Believe only have what you see” and another quote “Believe only half what you hear”

It is believed that the heart mind can pick up on events before they happen. I remember reading some where that there was an experiment where they would show the test subject a image randomly selected by a computer. They had the subject hooked up to a monitoring to check their reactions to the images. It was found that the subject responded to the image seconds before the image was shown. At the time of the experiment the heart mind was not discovered yet but looking back this could explain the results of this test.

We are now finding out where our intuitions are coming from and living from the heart is really just listening to our intuitions. The problem is most people have not trained themselves to listen to their intuition. You have heard it time and again people stating after the fact “Something was telling me (fill in the blink) but I did not listen. It is my belief that if you interview most of the success people. That you will find them more intuitive then the average person. That they are either naturally intuitive or they trained themselves to become more intuitive.

This is not new a lot of teachings stumbled upon the idea of listening to the intuitive mind, which is now being discovered as the heart mind, and taught their students how to get in touch with their intuitive minds. This is the bases Spiritual Enlightenment which I am a student of. I know from my own life experiences that it works. I am just getting a better understanding of how and why it works. If anything it has strengthened my belief in the Higher Power who speaks to me though my heart mind.

That is not to say that someday this knowledge will become available to the general public. Although I fear that it will be kept secret because of the control the government would loose if this truth became wide spread. In fact I believe that this truth has always been there but was intentionally hidden. Maybe not by the current government but by rulers of past generations who did not want to loose control of the general population.

The fact still remains that if you learn to live though your heart mind you are learning to live though unconditional love. The fact also remains that if you live in love there is no fear because fear is just a lack of knowledge of unconditional love which comes from the Higher Source.

When you learn to hear your intuitive voice. Then you can make request to the universe of anything you want. You set the intention. Then you listen to your intuitive voice for the steps you need to take. Once you make the intention and take the steps your intuitive voice tells you. You become the watcher as the things you have requested start to become your reality.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books

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