Just Be

One of the greatest gifts my wife has ever giving me, is when she told me to just be myself. I love you just the way you are. Unconditional love what a strange concept. I have heard of it but never have felt it till that day. I was giving the freedom to just be myself.

We live in a day and age where everything has conditions attached to them even love. All to often we hear the phases “I love you but” or “If you love me you would (blank blank blank)”. That now many people feel they have to do something to earn the love of another person. If that person does not love you the way you are then maybe it is not love after all. If they feel they have to shape or change you into something they want then maybe you need to move on. Love is a gift freely given with no strings attached. The right to just be yourself is the greatest gift you can receive from someone and the greatest gift you can give to someone else.

I am enjoying the freedom I was given that day. It has lead me down the path of total acceptance. I have learned to accept myself for who or what I am and it has giving me the ability to accept others for who or what they are. The right to just be.

So it is this way also in spiritual matters. You do not have to say or do anything. You are accepted just the way you are. The joy, peace and love you feel are of the spirit they are freely giving for all who will accept them. Total acceptance of who you are a spirit, total acceptance of who everyone else is spirits this is the real reality. Not the things you see, feel, taste, smell or hear these things are just tools you use while here on earth. The true reality is spiritual. So many times we leave a spiritual event and say to ourselves it is time to get back to reality. That we fail to realize that the spiritual event is the true reality. We have forgotten who we really are spirits. We are not the flesh and bones you see before you. When you fall in love with someone, you do not fall in love with their flesh and bones but with the person within.

We are one with the great creator and one with everything else in the universe. When you come to realize this then you can just be. This is the true state of our being. Total acceptance, total love, total peace and total joy is what the creator wants for you and everyone else. If you will just accept it, then it is yours. Then you can just be.

Man has forgotten who he really is. Over the space of time he has grown further and further away from the creator. It was not this way in the beginning. In the beginning man knew that he was first and foremost a spirit, a great creator, one with God, that he lived in a body and had a soul. Back then there was no evil or fear just love and peace. Man was one with God and nature. He walk among the animals with out fear because he was one with all things. There was nothing in the universe that would harm him.

It was man who first learned how to fear. It was man who brought evil it this world. As it is today the only evil in this world is the evil you will find in mans heart. We taught the animals how to fear because you see the world we live in is a reflection of what is in our hearts. We brought disease into this world with our thoughts and actions. Together we have created the world we live in today. Pain and suffering is the design of man not God. It is man who feels that where there is good there has to be evil, where there is love there has to be hate, where there is peace there has to be fear and where there is joy there has to be suffering. Man does not know that he can just be love, just be good, just be peace and just be joy.

The good news is that what we have learned we can unlearn. That together we can create a better world. A world without disease, without fear, without evil and without suffering. A world of peace, joy and love. It starts with you and me learning to just be love, just be joy and just be peace. Just be the spirit you already are. Just be

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books

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