Build On Your Past Success


I do not care who your are. You have had past successes in your life. You aced a test, you learned how to ride a bike and so on. We all have had past successes that we can draw on for encouragement towards future successes. We have all had things just seem to work out for us in our past so we can have confidence that it will work out for us this time around. I can already here you saying “Ya but that was then and this is now and it is just not the same.” Or some other excuse why it will not work out.

What you need to do is start to think about ways it will work and stop dwelling on why it will not work. Did Thomas Edison give up on the light bulb? No he kept at it till he found a way to make it work. Did Henry Ford give up? No he had a dream of making a car that the average person could afford and came up with the assembly line which ushered in the great industrial revaluation. Neither of these men had any idea on how much their dreams would change the world we live in today. They were just looking for a way to help their fellow man.

Thomas Edison once stated that ideas are in the air and all you have do is tune into them. One of the habits that Thomas Edison had was if he was having trouble with one of his projects he would take a nap and usually the answer would come to him is his dreams. I know you have experienced this or know someone that has that when faced with a difficult problem someone advised them to sleep on it and usually by morning they had an idea on how to handle the problem.

Then there are inspired ideas. As you grow closer to the Higher Source you will learn to place your problems in His hands. Your job is really simple when working with the Higher Source. All you have to do is follow his guidance which may either be a still small voice or an intuitive thought. Once you receive his instructions act on it immediately, do not try to reason it out. Just start out with whatever action you are able to perform. I have heard more then one story about someone who had the intuition that they should visit a friend and put it off for a while just to find out their friend had passed away shortly before they arrived. What opportunities have you missed out on because you did not take action when your intuition told you to do something and you either put it off or just ignored it.

This is what I am talking about when I say build on your past successes. If you have had intuitive thoughts in the past and either followed them and achieved your goal or did not follow it and missed out on an opportunity you know that voice. As you continue to follow that inner voice and have some victories along the way. You will start to become more familiar with that inner voice and trust that inner voice to guide you down the best path suited for you.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books


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