Love Is The Only Answer

My dear children you have often heard “You Are Loved” and believe you truly are but you must release that not only are you loved but that You are Love. As my child you are a part of me and I am love. That is all I am and all I could ever be. That is why you are love and deep down that is all you can be.

It is when you realize this and realize that the true being of everyone is love. You will start to learn to look at your fellow man, no matter who they are, though the eyes of love. You will see them as they truly are.  That is as child of God they are love. No matter what the outside appearance may be.

We have now entered a time in the human race where we must make a choice. The choice is clear. Walk in Love or walk in fear and darkness. For in love there is no fear and there is no darkness. But as always you have the right to choose.

My dear children now is the time you must take off the blinders your fellow man have placed upon you. They have been able to control you though fear. But as I have stated before there is no fear in love. So the answer is simple. Learn to walk in love by realizing that you and everyone else is love. As you love others they will come to love you. There is no defense to love. All things will work out for the best for the ones who love.

All of the masters who have come upon this planet showed what is able to all who walk in love. They did not fear even when faced with death. Because they knew that there is no such thing as death. They knew that when it was time to leave that they will return to the source and if they wanted they could return. Many of you reading have been upon this planet a number of times by choice. You loved life enough to want to come back and go though life once again. Some have felt there where things left undone that they wanted to complete. Others came back just to be able to enjoy life once again.

This is the Good News you have been waiting for. For once you realize who you really are you can relax and start to really enjoy life. A life without problems or drama in fact you will avoid drama as much as possible. You will be relaxed because you know without a doubt that you will be taken care of. You will look forward to tomorrow wondering what good things are down the road for you. A life of expectation, a life of love.





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