All Power Is Within You

My dear children. I am going to make a statement that many will not believe or accept and this is the statement. No one has ever healed anyone. The healing’s that you have read about or heard about or that you have witnessed have all been self healing’s. That is to say it was though the power within the individual that brought the healing about and not some outside force. Because the lack of faith most people have in themselves to bring about this self healing. That they seek out someone else to heal them and it because of the faith they have in this other person that their healing comes about.

You see my children you all have the same soul. Each and every soul is identical to all other souls. The soul you carry about is the same soul that all the Masters have had when they have walked upon this planet. There is no such thing as a more powerful soul or a weaker soul, they are all the same. I am a God of love and have no respect of person. You are all my children and I would not hold back anything from any of you.  Anything that the Masters have done, you can do to. It is all a matter of coming to the point where you do not only believe it, but you know it as a fact.

Even the one writing this post has doubts. He cannot help it. It was trained into him from childhood. Deprogramming is a long process and it will take time. But rest assured it can be done.

You are the one in control. No one else. The only power anyone has over you is the power you have granted them. Anything you declare for yourself will be yours if you know deep down in your heart that you not only have the right to have it but is is a blessing from your creator that loves you and will not hold back any good thing from you.




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