Stand Therefore

Fear not my child for I am in control. You have come to know me and have put your faith in me. I have set a grand gift for you, which you will receive in my time not yours.

Changing times are at hand. My plans are beginning to be fulfilled. Everything is falling into place. My children will receive all that they have lost and even more.

The flood gates are being opened and blessings are being poured out. Stand therefore and be prepared to receive. For your time is at hand. Do not fear of the things going around you. For they are place there to bring fear for the evil ones know that they can control you by fear. But my children walk in faith not fear and can not be touched by the evil ones.

You are my children and I will always protect you. Your future is bright although you may not believe it.  That is because I love and always have. Do you think that as a child of God that I would let you be in lack of anything. I know you also love me and always will. Therefore in my love you will find no fear. As long as you live in my love you have nothing to fear and nothing evil can touch you.

So my child trust in me first and always as I trust you to walk in my way. For I am now and always be there for you.



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