I Believe In You

Good evening my dear child. How are you doing today. I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time today to share with you my beliefs in you. You see I have more faith in you then you could ever have in yourself because I know who you really are. I know what you are capable of doing and I know what is holding you back.

The main thing that holds you back is lack of faith in yourself. This is not your fault. You live in a world of limitations. Most of these limits man has placed on himself over the years and handed them down from generation to generation. One of the main ones is the belief that I am not in control of an individuals life. They think that they are in complete control, while I am working in the background leading them down the path they should be following.

Once you realize who really is in control, you can relax. Knowing that all things will work out for you own good. You might take some detours along the way and slow down the progress but in time you will find your way back to the path I have chosen for you to follow.

The things you were sent here to accomplish, you will accomplish in time. Nothing will be left undone. You will find yourself where you want to be and will come to realize that if you had the chance to change anything in your past that you would not want to because you have finally arrived where you want to be. Knowing that it was the correct path to follow.

Then one day, when the time is right. You will come back home to me and there will be great rejoicing. It is then you will realize what you true mission was and how you performed just the way you were suppose to. No regrets, No sorrow just joy in a job well done.



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